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How to Change Security Code on iPhone or iPad

The Security Code is like a padlock or lock that protects our files, data, and documents on iOS devices. So choosing a good security code is equivalent to the quality of the padlock that protects you.

The security code to unlock an iOS device can be changed when you decide. It is advisable to update the password every so often. 
Biometric authentication methods such as FaceID and TouchID are additional if your device supports them. However, the device will request the code when you do the following:

  • When turning on or restarting the device
  • Press the start button or slide your finger up to unlock (can be modified)
  • Update the software
  • Delete the device
  • See or change the code configuration
  • Install iOS configuration profiles

How to Activate the security code on the iPhone or iPad.

If you have not activated it yet, let’s Activate the code

  1. On the iPhone X and later enter Settings/FaceID and code. 
    (For previous models of a TouchID and code.)
    (For devices that do not have a Touch ID, go to Settings/Code.)
  2. Select Activate code
  3. Enter a six-digit code
  4. You can also choose a four-digit numeric code or a custom alphanumeric code. 
  5. The more digits your code has, the more secure it becomes. 
  6. But keep in mind that having a long code can make it difficult to type it when you are doing another activity at the same time. For example when driving.
  7. Enter the code again to confirm it.

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