Infineon and AMS Deny Blockade of Relationship with Huawei

Since yesterday, tech giants like Google and some chipmakers like Qualcomm and Intel – just to name a few – have shown a position against Huawei, after the government of the United States signed an agreement that prohibits the use of the Chinese devices.

4% of your shares

In this regard, it was mentioned that companies such as  Infineon and AMS had also interrupted shipments to Huawei, a news item that has cost 4% of its shares in a few hours after the alleged announcement. 

The news was raised since apparently, this ban affects the US companies and those foreign companies that use a certain amount of US technology in their products.

Infineon and AMS will ship to Huawei

However, this information was refuted by the manufacturers who mentioned that they have not suspended any of their shipments to the Chinese company because they are not affected by these measures.

Infineon and AMS Deny Blockade of Relationship with Huawei

Infineon and AMS against Huawei?

Infineon said through a statement that its products are not part of the restrictions export patterned by the US against Huawei, so continue to make the shipments to the company in the provision intended.

A situation that, according to the source was also raised by the Austrian company, AMS who stressed that their relationship with Huawei continues, as their products, like those of Infineon are outside these restrictions.

Huawei was prepared

Although we could think that these regulations by the US government slow down the activities of Huawei on a global scale, remember that yesterday Google announced that it would break its relations with Huawei that imply the suspension of its Android operating system.

Huawei has been preparing for a situation like this, for some time have been developing their own chips as well as an operating system own alternative to Android.

It remains to be seen how Huawei will develop in this situation, however, the Chinese company is very positive and has said that these restrictions will not affect its performance in the market.

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