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Apple Pencil – How to Charge Apple Pencil

The release of the new Apple Pencil and the inherent compatibility issues between its models, charging the device may become confusing for you. It actually depends on which model you have. In this article, we are going to talk about Apple Pencil – How to Charge Apple Pencil. Let’s begin!

First of all, identify which model of Apple Pencil you own. The first-generation is round and glossy, along with a cap up top. However, the second-generation features a more blocky design with a matte finish. The new model also does not have a cap on the top.

If there is Notifications that show your Apple Pencil needs charging or any time you feel like charging it. Then all you have to do is plug it back in. You have then two choices for bringing your Apple Pencil back to life: just use your iPad or use a Lighting adapter.

Charge your Pencil with your iPad

This will take 30 minutes of charge in 15 seconds. Doing the quick math, this actually means that Apple Pencil would theoretically fully charge in less than 10 minutes. In real-world usage, the Apple Pencil fully charges within 15-30 minutes when you plugged it into the iPad.

  • Remove the cap from the back of your Apple Pencil.
  • Then insert your Apple Pencil’s Lightning connector into your iPad Pro’s Lightning port.

Just like that, you can also use the adapter that actually came with your Apple Pencil to plug it into any standard Lightning cable.

How to Charge Apple Pencil

Charge your Pencil with the Lightning adapter

The more complicated way of charging your Apple Pencil is with a Lightning cable. This method needs the included female-to-female Lightning adapter. When you attach the adapter, then simply plug in the Apple Pencil to any Lightning cable that laying around. Again, the Apple Pencil will charge within 15-30 minutes from a dead battery.

Luckily, with the second-generation, Apple has filtered the Apple Pencil design in a way that makes charging a breeze. Just like Apple Watch, the new Apple Pencil charges wirelessly. This simplifies the process tremendously so that you will never lose the pencil, nor will it be dead when you want to use it.

  • First, remove the cap from the back of your Apple Pencil.
  • Then insert your Apple Pencil’s Lightning connector into the Lightning adapter.
  • Then plug the Lightning adapter into your Lightning cable.

Well, 15 seconds of charging will give you 30 min. of use, but it’s still most practical to charge it overnight when you are not using it.


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