iPhone SE Battery Case Compatible with iPhone 7

Apple’s $399 2020 iPhone SE is practically an internally upgraded model that actually sports the same shell as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 as well. we would not blame you for believing that it was a previous-generation handset but then again, that presents some benefits and you can also save some money if the process. According to the latest findings, the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is compatible with the iPhone SE, in spite of the fact that the accessory has not officially listed by Apple to work with the latest low-cost model. In this article, we are going to talk about iPhone SE Battery Case Compatible with iPhone 7. Let’s begin!

According to Wirecutter’s Nick Guy, the iPhone SE can actually fit well with the Smart Battery Case and this is really good news. Because if you are upgrading from an iPhone 7 to the iPhone SE, you won’t have to spend the extra money. According to that Guy, the Smart Battery Case “does appear to work” and that actually means that the iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case should be compatible with the 2020 iPhone too.

The only possible way of using the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case with the iPhone SE is that users will lose out on Qi wireless charging. Keep that thing in mind that the new model does support wireless charging. So if you strap on that case, you will have to top up the phone by plugging it in. Consider that the charging speeds of the 2020 iPhone SE might be disappointing, users will most likely want to obtain better battery life rather than having the option to place it on a charging pad, so they will probably prefer the battery case.

iPhone SE battery case

This is a drawback compared to the Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS and newer than that, that actually support Qi wireless charging. This tradeoff might be worth it for most of the users, especially while traveling and really stretching the limits of the iPhone SE’s battery life, though.

By itself, you can expect the iPhone SE to offer battery life that is roughly the same as the iPhone 8. As we detailed in our full iPhone battery comparison post, this includes:

  1. 13 hours of video playback
  2. 8 hours of streamed video playback
  3. 40 hours of audio playback
  4. 1821mAh battery

iphone se battery case

But when you pair the iPhone SE with the Smart Battery Case, you can expect even longer battery life. The iPhone 7’s Smart Battery Case features an additional 2365mAh of power. So you can also expect around double the battery life. The Smart Battery Case also features deep integration with iOS. Which makes it easy to monitor battery status through your iPhone’s Lock screen and settings. When you plugged in, the Smart Battery Case and iPhone also work intelligently to charge simultaneously, Apple says.

The strange about the latest finding is that there was not an official iPhone 8 Smart Battery Case from Apple. But this is excellent news if you have an available accessory lying around. If you want to get better battery endurance from the 2020 iPhone SE. Then you can pick up an iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case from Apple’s official website for $99.


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