Apple To Push Out WatchOS 6 For Series 3 And Series 4


Apple WatchOS 6 has now been released for the Series 3 and Series 4 versions of Apple Watch. The Series 5 watch launched at 19th September with preinstalled watchOS 6. In the end, Apple will be updating the Series 1 and 2 models. The update will add many new dials and an independent app store. The developers will create versions of their applications that work directly with the Apple Watch. Apple is adding versions of audiobooks, voice memos, and calculators to the operating system that will run as native Watch apps.

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WatchOS 6 And  Apple Watch

The latest version of the Apple smartwatch operating system also features a Taptic Chime that will allow an Apple Watch to play every hour; At the same time, users will receive a regular vibration. Those who really use the Apple Watch to keep track of their physical activities can see if they are more or less active for a period of 90 days to a full year. This new feature, called Trends, will also show the speed of the rhythm and cardiovascular training statistics during the same time periods. Speaking of health, watchOS 6 will now help protect users’ hearing by generating a volume alert when there is noise in the vicinity that records 80 decibels or more. And now Apple Watch female persuasion users can follow their menstrual cycles.

To download watchOS 6, open the dedicated Watch application on your iPhone and go to Settings => General => Software update. But first, you need to make sure the watch’s battery is at least 50% charged. You should still place the watch on the charger and keep it close to your iPhone during the update process.

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