Apple’s new ad is about … designing round pizza boxes thanks to their devices

Apple has just launched a new and funny video on its YouTube channel called “Apple at work“, a funny announcement in which the company reflects what it is like to work with their devices. In the ad, we can see MacBooks, iPad Pro, iPhone or Apple Watch from different people completely synchronized to finish a job on time.

The most curious of all is that the goal is to design around pizza box in record time and is precisely start of a pizza box patented by Apple and that the company uses in its Apple Park coffee shops. Great, is not it?

This is Apple at work

The announcement is about a small working group that needs to present a new project in just two days and for this, they work without much rest with their Apple devices perfectly synchronized. The company wants to make us see how important it is to synchronize between devices so as not to waste a single second and see several proprietary technologies, such as AirDrop, synchronized photos, FaceTime in groups or apps designed.

Without a doubt, this is one of the funniest ads that Apple has done in recent months and the best part is that this pizza box is patented by Apple itself. If you are lucky enough to be able to order a pizza in the Apple Park cafeteria, you will see how it is served in a round box like the one shown in the video. A box designed by Apple itself.

Of course, Apple also boasts of devices and integration proving that it is much easier and faster to work if all the devices you use to communicate as Apple does. If the pizzas are round because the boxes are not round?

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