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The Best Kodi Alternatives You Can Use


Kodi is a really famous media streaming service popular among a lot of users all over the world. But, many folks speculate Kodi services break copyright laws in some countries. So they look for many other Kodi alternatives in order to stream content on. If you are also looking for some great Kodi alternatives, and then you guys are at the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Kodi Alternatives You Can Use. Let’s begin!

Today we are also talking about streaming services that work just like Kodi. You guys can watch online TV Series, movies and stream online as well. They are absolutely free, easy to use, and also support multiple media plugins, just like Kodi actually. With these Kodi alternatives, you guys can stream Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, rime, watch live channels, and much more than that.

The Best Kodi Alternatives You Can Use

Here are some really great Kodi alternatives for you guys to try. All of them are free to use and come along with additional features.


Same as Kodi, Stremio is also a digital media player that is famous amongst cord-cutters. If we compare Stremio vs Kodi in terms of features, then Stremio has an edge. It permits users in order to stream videos in high quality, also supports casting, adds subtitles in each video, and notifies them about new and upcoming shows and episodes as well.


It also permits users to create a personal library in order to store their favorite movies and tv shows. If you guys like how Kodi works, you’ll also face no issue in using it as a Kodi replacement since it also uses addons. There are a lot of stremio addons that can also be downloaded to stream your favorite content.

Visit Site: Stremio


Plex is also one of the best Kodi alternatives available in the market. It is not just a Kodi alternative, however, also one of the biggest competitors to Kodi. Users’ positive reviews actually show that Plex is better than Kodi for a lot of reasons.


Plex media player is pretty rich in features and that makes it the best and famous media player in the market. It also offers parental control, offline file syncing ability, also multiple file type support, sophisticated file management system, multiple add-ons, support for multiple devices, as well.

Also, the Plex media player server is secure and trusted via thousands of active users. Above all of it, you guys can stream your media content from a single device to many devices. It also has unlimited storage limits, really powerful file management, media optimizer, among many other features.

Visit Site: Plex

Media Portal | Best Kodi Alternatives

Media portal is also an open-source media tool that can actually convert your PC into a media hub. Its USP is digital video recording is a feature that permits recording, schedule or watching live TV. The best thing about media portals is the ability in order to record live content has been one of the reasons media portals were basically considered Kodi alternatives.

It also supports a larger number of add-ons and many of your favorite third-party channels would work fine here. Unlike, the Kodi multimedia portal also has the simplest and pretty intuitive interfaces that a streaming platform can also obtain.

It pretty easily connects external devices in order to play music, videos, and Blu-ray discs, and radio.

Compatibility- Windows, firestick,macOS, and much more

Visit Site: Media Portal


If you guys want parental control in your media player and it is also the reason why you guys are searching for a Kodi replacement. Then Emby is the software that you guys must try. Emby is more similar to Plex rather than Kodi. But, its server-client model permits you to play media files saved on the cloud as well as on other servers.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Parental control is actually one of the biggest features of Emby. There are a lot of apps available for Emby that can also be used to enhance the media-watching experience. Along with its features and smooth interface, it is one of the best Kodi alternatives that you guys can use for streaming in 2021.

Visit Site: Emby

OSMC | Best Kodi Alternatives

Kodi’s interface is actually somewhat convoluted. If you guys want something that resembles Kodi in terms of functionality. However, has a simple interface, OSMC is also the perfect Kodi replacement for you. Open Source Media Center (OSMC) is actually a media player that is built on the Kodi model. However, brings a neat and minimalist interface. OSMC also supports a number of TV tuners and Wi-Fi adapters as well.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Interestingly, OSMC can also be considered as a Linux distro that also carries OSMC due to the fact that it is based on Linux. At the moment, OSMC is only compatible along with Raspberry Pi, Apple TV 1st Generation and also Vero, a flagship device from OSMC as well.

Visit Site: OSMC


Kodi is not available for Apple TV, and it is really disappointing actually. But, there are a lot of Kodi alternatives that you guys can use if you want to enjoy live tv and also movies on your Apple TV. Infuse is also one of the best Kodi alternatives for Apple TV due to its outstanding interface and ease of usage as well.

Best Kodi Alternatives

It comes along with tonnes of features such as its ability to consolidate your video content spread over different locations. Excellent spotlight search as well as smart filters for customizing your Infuse home screen. Also, check out the list of best Kodi repositories that you guys can use in 2022 to downloading and stream content.

Visit Site: Infuse

Terrarium TV

The terrarium is actually one of the best alternatives of Kodi that you guys can try. For Android users looking for a Kodi alternative, Terrarium is actually one of the options they can get as basically the app is designed specifically for Android users.

With a terrarium, you can also watch high-quality movies and your favorite TV shows for free of cost. Unlike any other alternatives, terrarium mainly streams media from Google video as well as Google Drive. However, in the process of streaming, it also makes sure an extra layer of privacy for you whenever you are browsing the media.


JRiver is actually a must-try Kodi alternative since it comes along with excellent features. It is a media player that lets you guys view movies, images, TV, audio, music, and almost everything else in HD. It works on Windows, Mac or Linux-supported devices as well. You can also access your media from anywhere in the globe and on all the devices on your local network as well. The audio and video quality is better than Kodi and there are a lot of other features that make it one of the best Kodi alternatives as well.


JRiver comes along with advanced features and it’s fast whenever it comes to streaming online videos. Also, it handles your really large collection of media elegantly. You guys can also record TV in HD, run with remote, and also supports most of the devices. JRiver also has a large community where users exchange knowledge whenever needed.

The only drawback is that JRiver is not free of cost. You guys can purchase its master license for $79.98, That is actually valid for Mac, Linux, and Windows or you can also buy the license for a particular OS for $59.98.

Visit Site: JRiver

Serviio | Best Kodi Alternatives

Serviio is also known to be the best cost-effective Kodi alternative. It not only is an alternative to Kodi, however, of Plex too With Serviio you can also stream media files of your liking, being music, games, movies, TV shows, as well. In real high definition on devices such as mobile phones, gaming consoles (works on Xbox), TV as well.

As it is developed along with Java technology and also whenever it comes to multi-device compatibility, Serviio actually becomes the best Kodi alternative.

Best Kodi Alternatives

It is also a cross-platform media center. It provides you an option if you want to stream media in standard definition or HD. You guys can easily stream online content such as an RSS feed or even a web page. Also one of the reasons Serviio is actually better than Kodi.

Visit Site Serviio


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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