Best Putlocker Alternatives To Stream Movies Online


What is putlocker? Do you know the best putlocker alternatives to stream movies online? After the shutdown of Putlocker, lots of replicas appeared online. Such as, to, there are tons of them offering the same service as the original. We don’t know whether any of them are run by the original Putlocker team. Or else at least one of whom had some good results in the legal system.

We can’t determine the reliability and level of security of these replicas. Also, they are regularly hidden by the authorities before moving back up again with a new domain name.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some secure and reliable alternatives to Putlocker for streaming TV shows and movies online.


Well, we all concerned about the security and legality of using these free TV streaming sites and movies.


All services or apps have copyright material without the permission of their manufactures. Any site contains duplicate or copyright material. Then it lacks distribution privileges that are subject to getting taken down by copyright enforcers.

Also, your internet service provider may check that you are streaming copyright material. Make sure there are some legal or financial results for doing so.

Make sure these sites and apps certainly transfer from host to host. However,  if you tap on a link and find a page that can’t respond. You can then try Googling the app to find its current and latest location.


If you want to use your Wi-Fi connection to install or stream any content. But you are not sure about the copyright issue. Then simply download and run virtual private network (VPN) software.

A VPN easily makes you anonymous online. Also, it blocks your ISP from being able to tell that you are installing or downloading potentially illegal content.


Here is our selection for the best online Putlocker alternatives.


It enables you to watch torrented movies quickly. Just watch from your browser using the Popcorn Time Online web service, or simply use the app.

The popcorn time interface is quite solid. Also, it has clear category selections and tons of new and up-and-coming titles. It also provides straight-to-DVD movies here. Make sure the app and the website both appear to be stable. Not just this but also the platform is available in 44 various languages making it a truly global alternative.

However, the app also runs into its share of legal complexities over time.

Also, users should know that it is a torrent-based site, so while watching a movie, you are also involved in providing the movie to other users. This is not inconvenient in terms of bandwidth, but users can legally liable as being distributors of the possibly copyrighted/duplicate material.


Solar Movie is another amazing and well-categorized streaming site. The site is neat and clean, fast, and simple to use. It doesn’t have the shiny interface in the world, but it makes shortcut of finding movies and TV shows to watch. Both (TV shows and movies) have their category. Also, and there is an essential search function should you want it.

Streaming is apparent, too. Simply highlight a title, and a popup appears, choose “Watch,” and a new screen display with the title front and center. As long as your Wi-Fi connection is quite fast to handle the quality, Solar Movie streams amazingly and flawlessly.

Solar Movie also fragmented and forked multiple times. If the above link doesn’t work, simply try Googling “Solar Movie,” an alternative fork or mirror will no doubt be up and running.


FMovies is quite similar to Solar Movie but has a shiny interface. It also looks to have many more Hollywood titles and TV shows. Also, the categorization is much better at FMovies. However, the overall browsing experience is much better.

Also, it’s important part is – the watching – FMovies can falter or stumble. When the servers are under peak load, choosing and viewing a title can take up to a few minutes. If you want to play a TV show or movie. Simply tap one to be redirected to the movie page. The movie should initiate playing automatically. Make sure, when you tap the film on the page, a popup ad will appear. Simply leave the page alone, and the content also plays without happening anything else.


123Movies also here for a while, but it’s not a clone of the original. It depends on what you read online. Also, the version of the site works perfectly. The website itself is slick or shiny and easy to use. Also, it has the usual category choices, and you can also filter by country if you are searching for a foreign film. The collection is extensive and covers most latest launches.

The selection is quite simple. Simply find a title, choose it, and it redirects you to its page. Automatically movie plays after a quick prompt. Media loads perfectly, buffer instantly and offers HD playback without any issue.


If you don’t like to use your browser, you can then use a standalone app on your PC, mobile, or tablet. In this section, you’ll learn a few apps that work well for watching movies and shows:


Mmm…. didn’t we just discuss Popcorn Time above? We did it already, also the service has an app. Remember the app is available for Android, Linux, and Mac, Windows, and you can install it from here. Simply install the app, choose a title, pick it, and it plays.


Showbox is an older app called Moviebox. But now the app is dead. The app is the same as all the other apps we discuss earlier: streaming movies and TV shows. Showbox needs sideloading on your Android, as the official app stores can’t support it. You can simply get the Android version from here.


PlayBox HD is another alternative to putlocker. However, it runs on both Androids or iPhones. It works fine like Showbox and contains lots of HD content. The app has a clean UI design, and it streams instantly and without buffering on a fast WiFi connection.


Crackle is also another alternative and it is quite different than most of the sites and apps here. Also, it’s owned by Sony and it presents only licensed content. So don’t fret about a VPN. Crackle also provides good quality video, and the app enables you to do things like secure your favorites and create playlists. Also, it has a clean and easy UI, and you can search and sort the shows and movies you like to watch.


Sky HD works only on Android and is useful for a carbon copy of PlayBox HD. Also, it doesn’t have anything going for it in the way of originality, but it works well and looks to be reliable.


CinemaBox is quite similar to the Showbox clone. It adds the ability to see content offline, which is amazing if you have WiFi access or want to spend your vacation in the woods and want to take some HD movies with you. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

Currently, it doesn’t look like CinemaBox is operating. If you want to view CinemaBox again, let us know, and we’ll again update the URL. Until then, you can use other websites. Because CinemaBox is currently operational since December 1st, 2019.


Stremio, just like Sony Crackle. The app is entirely legal service that takes your streams from iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Also, it gathers them all in one place for your convenience. The app also offers versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android. The UI seems like some of the other movie apps we’ve explained and will work with movies and show video files you already have saved locally.


Here’s a complete article on Putlocker Alternatives. Well, streaming video is a huge activity for many users. We have a lot of best articles to help you make the most of your online video experience. Do you want to stream movies on your iPhone?  Are you trying to stream from PC to Fire TV? Check our article on Fire TV and Roku

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If you know some other putlocker alternatives then let us know us to know below. Also, share your views with us in the comments section below!

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