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How to Use Ace stream- Install Ace stream In Steps

If you don’t know about then you maybe know about Torrents and bittorrents. AceStream is a video streaming application, mainly stream video content with the acestream protocol. Want to know what is Ace stream and how to use ace stream? Then you are in the right place.

How to Use Ace stream

I am using ac stream for so long. It offers access to a lot of streaming content I wouldn’t normally get to see without a subscription and allows me to keep up with my favorite teams wherever I might be at the time. If you have heard of this app. Also, If you want to know what it is and how to install and use Ace Stream on a PC, you’re in the right place!

Ace Stream uses Peer to Peer technology P2P to stream video content. That means if you are streaming channels or videos through AceStream. You are uploading some parts of the videos to other clients or people streaming the same content. It is a commercial product that enables media streaming peer to peer networks. It also uses a bit torrent protocol to share media between the users without the requirement of a central server.

And believe me, this makes things easier for the users.

How to Use Ace stream

Using Ace stream:

Like many such services, AceStream and the technology behind it are perfectly legal. As is the Bit torrent protocol. It is what you use the service for that can become legally tricky. Lots of people use Ace Stream to access illegal content. but most people use it to watch movies and sports as well without providing any subscription fees. And also there are a lot of advantages too. There are however lots of legal ways to use it.

As Ace Stream uses the Bit Torrent client. you have to need a decent internet connection to get the best out of it. It also means the more you watch. The more you share across the network so are paying back for everything you get access to. As you essentially help keep AceStream going, there is no subscription or financial cost to using it.

When you install both apps. Then you will need a content ID. Which is a magnet link in it? The Content-ID identifies a particular stream or piece of content. So each football game or NHL game will have its own Content ID. Add this to Ace Stream to play the content.

Install Ace Stream:

Ace stream installs in the normal way. It is available for windows as well as for android. When it is installed the app will access your network and provide a GUI for you to use. There are two apps in AceStream. One is a modified VLC player and the other is a media center player.

  • Go to the Ace Stream Website and download the app.
  • Install the app on your device, accepting the license agreement.
  • Either try to ‘Visit the AceStream website and test the installed software’ or uncheck the box to continue to use the app.

How to Use Ace Stream?

once it is installed. Then acestream installs a desktop shortcut onto your computer for easy access. Double click the Ace Player shortcut to open and we can load up a stream to watch. Now, this is where things get tricky. As I mentioned before, at the top, Ace Stream is not illegal but it can be used to access illegal content. So, be careful about the streams you use and protect yourself at all times.

If you want to find content IDs, Then use a search engine and search for “acestream content ID + Sport” here. Or refine it further with acestream content ID + F1.

Here are some of the subreddits I am including:

  • NFL = /r/nflstreams
  • NHL = /r/nhlstreams
  • NBA = /r/nbastreams
  • NBA = /r/nbastreams
  • Boxing = /r/boxingstreams
  • NCAA Football = /r/cfbstreams
  • NCAA Basketball = /r/ncaabballstreams
  • Soccer = /r/soccerstreams
  • MMA = /r/mmastreams
  • WWE = /r/wwestreams


There are much more than that but I am using the ones I know about. Once you have a Content ID we can start watching.

  • Open Ace Player and select Media.
  • Select Open AceStream Content ID and paste the Content ID into the box.
  • Click Play.

The Ace Player will take a few seconds to open the link and buffer the stream but should then play. Depending on how popular the stream is. And how many peers are uploading it and your network? The stream should play seamlessly.

Here, I will suggest a VPN when using Ace Stream to protect yourself. Even if you’re not accessing illegal content, peer to peer networks is monitored all the time. While you are technically doing nothing wrong if the stream is a legal one. Then it is always safer to be anonymous! right? well, It is completely free to use. Also, there is no limitation for the contents you access through Ace Stream. But some countries don’t permit and allow the use of AceStream like Torrent websites. Make sure that, you are using AceStream with a VPN service.

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