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How to Boost Volume on LG V10 with Viper4Android

In spite of the fact that LG V10 has quite an extraordinary sound, however, if you extravagant considerably more intense music, engineer mth7386 over at xda has got you secured with his sound boost MOD for the V10.

LG V10 has the best of cell phone specs, no doubt! Yet, being an Android gadget implies you generally have a choice to additionally improve the ability of a gadget by methods for root get to.

sound boost MOD

At present, the MOD just lifts the Headphone sound, yet the dev is chipping away at preparing for the gadget’ speaker and Bluetooth spilling too. This LG V10 sound boost MOD works with Viper4Android. So you need root with SELinux set to tolerant first to get Viper4Android working and afterward you can use the mod for that additional kick from your gadget.


How to Install Viper4Android on LG V10 and Boost Sound

  1. Get root. Here are the means by which to root LG V10.
  2. Download Viper4Android APK, Mixer MOD and SELinuxModeChanger from the downloads segment above to your LG V10.
  3. Install the Viper4Android APK ordinarily like you’d install some other apk file.
  4. Open Viper4Android app and Grant it root get to when inquired.
  5. Now when Viper4Android requests Driver installation, select Yes. You’ll get a rundown of drivers accessible for your CPU type. Select the one with unrivaled quality.
  6. Go to engineer choices on your V10, and enable Awesome player from the Media area.
  7. Install the SELinuxModeChanger apk file. Open the app and set SELinux to tolerant Mode.
  8. Now using a file chief app with root get to (we suggest ES File voyager), go to the framework/and so forth/registry.
  9. Rename the present blender paths.xml file to blender paths.xml.bak.
  10. Glue the blender paths.xml file you downloaded above to framework/and so forth/index.
  11. Set file authorization to 0644 (rw-r-r).
  12. Reboot telephone.

That’s it in a nutshell. You should now hear a lift in volume on your LG V10

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