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Can’t find your iPhone at home? Your Mac’s Siri can help you find it

Can't find your iPhone at home? Your Mac's Siri can help you find it

Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, has been present on the Mac since 2016. He arrived with macOS Sierra and since then he has been integrating more and offering more and more features.

One of these functions may not be too well known, but it is certainly tremendously useful for all users who in addition to a Mac have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even other Mac. I talk about the possibility of using the iCloud Search function from The voice assistant.

How to locate an iPhone or iPad from Siri on Mac

Using the search for Apple cloud devices through the voice assistant is as simple as invoking it by clicking on the icon on the right side of the menu bar and then saying the command:

  • Where is my iPhone?
  • Where is my Apple Watch?
  • Where is my iPad Pro?

That is, you only have to use the command Where is my xxxx? Changing the x for the name of the device you are looking for.

When you do this, Siri will not show you the Find my iPhone map as usual. What it will do is activate the option to emit sound on the device, so you can follow the sound to locate it quickly.

The function is designed to locate your devices inside the home or in very close places. In case Siri detects that the device is not very close, it will indicate that it does not know if it is close and will ask you for confirmation to start the playback of the sound on the device.

It is also compatible with “family” devices

The “Family” function allows you to share certain iCloud features among several service accounts such as storage space in case you have contracted a plan of at least 200 GB. In addition, it also allows you to share payment methods, purchases and see in Search where the devices of the whole family are (of course this is fully configurable) or in case of minors request authorization to make a purchase or download from the App Store.

Thanks to this function, Siri can also help you locate Family devices that have the location shared with you. This way you can tell Siri Where is the xxx iPhone? Being xxx the name of one of the Family people and the assistant can also emit the sound remotely to help you locate it easily.

Did you know this functionality of Apple’s digital assistant? Don’t you think it’s very useful? Of course, it must also be said that not only can it be invoked from a Mac, you can also use it from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and of course Apple Watch.

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