Comparison Telegram vs Signal: Which One You Choose

Telegram vs Signal: The last few years shocks the social media industry with some high profile news or reports about how the giants of Silicon Valley abuse or use our data without our consent or permission. The two messaging apps that have seen many tractions are Signal or Telegram.

Come let’s check how these two compare and what they offer to its users.

Telegram vs Signal:

User Interface

Telegram vs Signal comparison

Both Signal or Telegram has a clean interface with an older hamburger menu. Unfortunately, they can’t feature a bottom navigation bar which is simple in nature and makes it difficult to reach the top corners. After using Telegram X rather than Telegram, you will then realize some modifications in the UI like a separate tab for Calls or Chats located next to the menu icon.

Also, there is only one tab in Signal and you have not displayed a list of all contacts by default. You can only search for them and then open the chat window to share a text or make a call (video or audio). Signal’s UI is quite similar to WhatsApp.

Both these apps come with dark mode but Telegram has other color choices too.

Security & Privacy

Privacy and security is the major selling point of both Signal or Telegram. That is why some people use them in the first place. But exactly how protective are they, and how secure your conversations are? The Telegram team, two Russian brothers, are very confident of the MTProto encryption tech. So they announced a $200,000 followed by a $300,000 challenge to break into Telegram. Huh….No one won. All the calls or text messages in Telegram are end-to-end encrypted however they decide not to use the existing Signal protocol, forcing them to make a statement that explains the distinction between the two.

Signal uses the Open Whisper System and telegram apps are open-sourced. Signals is recommended by Edward Snowden or Bruce Schneier, one of the most popular whistleblowers of the decade. Similar to Telegram, all calls or text messages are end-to-end encrypted via Whisper Protocol which is also open-source.

In Telegram, you can remove any text that you have a share or received within 48 hours. If we talk about media files such as audio or video, pics, you can then set a timer while sharing the media file. Options started from 5 seconds to 1 minute.

In Signal, you can share Disappearing messages. You can select a time, say 1 minute, and the text will be auto-removed after the 1 minute. This is true for not only media files but also for the texts which are nice. Timing starts from 5 seconds and moves up to 1 week.

Telegram vs Signal -> Secret Chat

Secret Chat

In Telegram, rather than sharing disappearing messages, there is an option known as Secret Chat. This is where you can share self-destructing text in all forms. Well, keep in mind that it is end-to-end encrypted, and Telegram does not provide the ability to forward messages. OK, so let’s move to regular messages? Remember that they are not encrypted after all. Where Signal adds the privacy or security protocols right from the start, Telegram separates both and offers an extra option. The issue is that not all of us know the option of Secret Chat option and first-time users might send confidential information in the regular chat window unknowingly.

Another problem is that the Secret Chat option is not quickly made available. All you need to do is to open the chat window. Then head over to the individual’s profile and choose it from the menu. Why make it so difficult? With Signal, I don’t need to think before sharing any type of message.

Both Telegram or Signal don’t allow capturing screenshots or sending messages. Telegram has 2FA in place to further secure your account whereas Signal misses out on this amazing feature.

On the other side, a Reddit user discovered that in Telegram snaps and videos sent in the self-destructing mode were still being stored on his mobile’s SD card. If you don’t know, you can test it simply by opening the Android > Data > org.telegram.messenger folder and also view your Gallery app. Keep in mind that end-to-end encryption works only in one-on-one chats and not the group chats.

Both apps take privacy or security very seriously. The general consensus is that the Signal protocol is too secure and you don’t want to make a secret chat window separately in the Signal app.

Verification Method


On Signal when you call someone, the app quickly generates a series of numbers known as Safety Number. The same set of numbers also generated on the recipient’s mobiles. Both parties verify this number to know that the profile is genuine or verified. Also, it’s easy to make fake accounts and SIM frauds are also common. Also, you can verify the profile by scanning QR codes having a unique set of numbers, and a mark the profile as verified.

What about those who live across the ocean and with whom you can’t meet personally? During the call via Signal, it generates a two-word secret code on both profiles. You’ll then speak the first word and the other will check it. Then he’ll speak the other word and you can then check it on your end. However, if both of your words match, the call has not been successfully connected to the exact profile. In case, if the words don’t match, cut the call immediately and try again.


You can also use Signal as your default messaging app replacing the one that shipped with your phone. This is very amazing and cool and makes your life comfortable. However, if Signal is more protective then Telegram on the other hand provides lots of features.

Another reason to select Telegram over Signal is group chat. There are lots of YouTubers or developers who use Telegram for group chat. You can also create your own massive Channels (groups) with 200,000 members which are unheard of in any messenger app. You can also attach many files up to 1.5GB which is again generous. At present, it is not clear how many members you can easily add in a group in Signal.

Telegram also supports bots that you can use to welcome the other members. Also, you can announce group rules, auto-delete posts having particular words, and much more. This makes life simpler or easier for admins and precisely why the app is so famous with crypto enthusiasts or blockchain or private companies who wants to keep their followers updated with news. You can also assign roles to other members such as moderator, subscriber, admin, and so on.


Here’s all about “Telegram vs Signal”. To conclude I think it is very clear. For some people, Telegram is the best app with many features to keep you happy. But chats are not encrypted by default, you can always turn on it if need be. It is very secure and comes lots of amazing features to be ignored.

However, if you want a secure or private messaging app as if your life depended on it, then  Signal is the best option. Working for secret enterprises or think you are a big shot businessman? For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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