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Complete Review On Xbox One Emulators For Windows PC

Do you want to play Xbox one game on PC or did you know about Xbox One Emulators?. Yes, don’t fret it’s possible. You just want to install the Emulator which will copy the Xbox gaming experience for you.

Now, you must be thinking about which one to go as there are lots of them. Well, here in this guide we have given you the “Best Xbox One Emulators For Windows PC” 2020 model.

But before proceeding further you must know about it.


An emulator is a hardware or software piece that allows one PC (often called as host) to act like another PC system (which is called the guest).

In other words, it fools the host system to act as the guest.

The best example for this is the “BlueStacks” Emulator, which enables you to execute android apps on windows pc and that too for free.

Now, if you specifically looking for Xbox One or Xbox 360 emulators you will find a massive list of emulators on the internet. That is why we are here to help you as we have tested some and presented you with this list.

What is Xbox one Emulator?

An Xbox one Emulator is a very advanced PC software, that acts as an Xbox One gaming console.

It basically copies the same user interface as the Xbox One console has. After this, you can enjoy Xbox games on your Windows PC without any irritation. There are some pros and cons of using the Xbox One Emulator.

Pros/Cons of Using Xbox one Emulator


  • Free of Cost – It is available free of cost on the internet. You don’t want to buy Xbox one for it. You can easily install them on your Windows PC and enjoy the Xbox like gaming experience.
  • Full HD experience – The Emulators are designed to provide you the Full High-Definition gaming experience that ultimately makes the user feel that he/she is using Xbox.
  • Brilliant Audio Effects – With brilliant HD experience, Xbox one Emulators are also delivered Amazing Audio Effects.


  • Buggy– It’s quite an obvious while using Emulators rather than of an original device, then you gonna face some bugs in performance.
  • The device easily gets warm-up – As Emulators are software, not the hardware, it will warm up your PC as long as you use it.

Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC

There are lots of Xbox One Emulators available online. But here we selected up some of the best for you.

1. CXBX Emulator

CXBX is no doubt the best Xbox emulators available today. However, it offers lots of amazing features like changing all the Xbox Games into Executable files.

This enables you to enjoy games without any virtual environment and as a result in the lag-free gaming experience.

Also, the installation process is also quite straightforward. So if you are thinking to initiate your gaming experience then just go for it.

Some advantages and disadvantages of CXBX Emulator


  • Can Run Xbox Pixel Shaders – Wrapped with the ability to execute Xbox Pixel Shaders.
  • Can emulate Xbox SDK – Capable of emulating different Xbox SDK samples.
  • Inbuilt Xbox Viewer – Having inbuilt Xbox Executable viewer to organize and view the game files.


  • Must have well Build PC – You really want to own the best build PC as this emulator uses very high resources.
  • Compatible very few games – The emulator compatible very few games.

2. Xeon Emulator

Xeon is another most popular and proffered Xbox emulator available on the internet today. It is commonly used by lots of people from all over the globe. It might be because it is compatible with several games as Xbox One and Xbox 360 do. However, the emulator is very reliable and able to run games perfectly without any issues.

The amazing part is emulator is available for both the operating systems (OS) like Windows and DoS.

Some advantage and disadvantage of Xeon Emulator


  • Detailed Guide – It comes up with the step-by-step guide which instructs the user on how to emulate games on it.
  • Backup Creator – It is wrapped up with the xISO programs and the Xbox backup creator.
  • Highly Compatible – The Xeon emulator is highly supported by both the OS like DoS or Windows.


  • NTSC model only – The emulator is only supported by emulating the NTSC model of the halo.
  • No work from experts– The developers have stopped working on it.

3. Xenia Emulator

Xenia is another amazing emulator that catch a very nice place in this list. It’s an Xbox 360 emulator that runs more than 50 games titles of Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

If we talk about the best part, then the developers are working continuously on it which somehow makes sure that it will stay updated for a longer time.

The updates are more reliable and smooth than the earlier model as well.

Some advantage and disadvantage of Xenia Emulator


  • Continues Updates – The developers are working continuously on more smooth updates.
  • Massive Game Support – This emulator compatible with more than 50+ Xbox One games.


  • Slow– As we mentioned above some emulators probably be slower so Xenia is just one of them.
  • Buggy Earlier updates – Well the important point is the earlier model of Xenia was very buggy and slow.

4. DXBX Emulator

The best thing about the DXBX emulator is that it is designed on the same source code as the CXBX emulator. It clearly means that it has lots of brilliant features that CXBX lacks.

DXBX performs quite similar to CXBX and changes the same Xbox files into executable ones.

One more thing you must know is that it’s an Xbox 360 emulator, but it works smoothly well with Xbox one games too. So in our suggestion, you must try it.

Some advantage and disadvantage of DXBX Emulator


  • Symbol Detection – DXBX is wrapped with a fully customizable signs detection system.
  • Inbuilt with Direct 3D – The emulator comes up with the inbuilt Direct 3D engine which performs all the graphics work.


  • Works with 32-bit windows – The terrific part is that, the emulator works with only 32 bit Windows Operating System.

5. EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

EX360E is a very efficient Xbox 360 emulator that works very well with the Xbox one games as well.

This also changes the Xbox files into executable ones to ignore a virtual environment. As a result, the games run perfectly.

Well, the traffic part is this emulator runs only on a 64-bit Windows operating system.

Some advantage and disadvantage of EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator


  • Smooth Games – As this emulator is also compatible with the conversion of Xbox files into executable ones, also it enables the perfect execution of games.


  • Weird GUI – The graphical UI of the emulator is very weird.

6. HackiNations Emulator 

HackiNations emulator lets you to play some popular games such as Halo collection, Gear of War 4, or Forza Horizon 3 without spending any single money.

This emulator is just designed to share the best user experience to its users.

So if you like to enjoy this emulator you can tap its name above and you will be directly moved towards its official website.

Some advantage and disadvantage of HackiNations Emulator


  • Compatible USB Controller – The emulator also compatible with USB Controller or you can also use the keyboard for playing games.
  • Supports various Rom and Disc Files – Another amazing thing about HackiNations is that it compatibles different ROM and Disc file formats.


  • Needs High Spec PC – It needs a High-Spec PC as this emulator is one of the most strong programs designed by Microsoft.

7. Box Emulator 

Box Emulator also delivers one of the most brilliant graphics if we compare it with others and the best part is it’s free to use.

It compatible many Xbox games with high Fps ratings. Also, it is used by lots of people all across the globe.

Some advantage and disadvantage of Box Emulator


  • Highly supported– Box emulator is highly supported by running various games from Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Has GUI Feature – It has a graphical UI feature in it.


  • Can’t compatible Pirated and Live games – Rather than of the box emulator’s features, it can’t compatible pirated and live games.


So that’s all about the Best Xbox One Emulators For Windows PC. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Is this article helpful? Have you ever face any issues in this article? Have you found any other alternative that we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe ?

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