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Copy and Paste text on the Mac: 3 Ways to do it and Increase Productivity

If you just bought a Mac and arrived at the Apple platform, you may not know everything it can offer you. Not only at the level of software, exclusive apps or functions, but also shortcuts. To help you increase productivity and make your job easier, we offer you a simple tutorial below. How can you copy and paste text on the Mac? What ways are there to do it quickly and comfortably? We will see it below. It is very similar to what we would do in Windows, but macOS brings some differences.

Keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text

In Windows, it is a very similar system, as I said above. The case is that the Mac keyboard changes slightly. Keys such as Command (Cmd), which would be the function, help to perform the shortcuts, without having to resort to Control, as in other systems and equipment. Thus, we see that to copy the text on Apple products, all we have to do is the following:

  • Select the text you want to copy and press the Cmd + C keys. This will be copied.

When what you are looking for is to cut the text, the thing changes. Instead of adding the C, you should add the X, which is right next to it to be equally comfortable.

  • Select the text you want to cut and press the Cmd + X keys.

Finally, to be able to paste it you can do something similar. The key used is the one to the right of the other two, that is, you paste text with this shortcut:

Click the cursor where you want to paste and press the Cmd + V keys.

Copy and Paste text on the Mac: 3 W  ays to do it and Increase Productivity

Copy and paste text on Mac with the right mouse button

Of course, for those who do not finish being comfortable with the shortcuts, there are other ways. One of them is the mouse. We can select the text in the same way and then click on it with the right mouse button, or by holding down the trackpad. Then we select in the drop-down menu the cut or paste function. And, moving the cursor where we want to paste it, we do the same but selecting the Paste function from the menu.

Third option: edit from the Bar Menu

Select the text and move the cursor to the Bar Menu, to the Edit tab. There we find the options to copy, cut and even paste, along with an indication of the keyboard shortcut. From there, it is very easy to edit the text and access all these functions. And knowing these three movements, we can better edit our text and work in the way that best suits us. In my case, the most comfortable is the keyboard, but each person is a world.

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