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Create Digital Documents Easily with these Applications

Create Digital Documents Easily with these Applications

Currently, the use of smartphones has become part of our daily lives, from the use of an alarm clock application with the specific melody tone to the most robust applications that perform a large amount of analysis.

That is why we present a series of free and economic applications that will help you create digital files of any document that you can then store in the cloud, convert it to an extension of your preference and/or share it through the different media.

Adobe Scan

It is an application developed by Adobe that allows us to capture a document, view it through a preview, convert it to a PDF file and make any type of modification, such as rotating, cutting and editing the color according to our taste.

Create Digital Documents Easily with these Applications

In addition to this, this application offers an integration with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Fill & Sign, which means that not only will it allow us to scan the document in PDF format, but it will also allow us to edit it, make annotations, add a signature and work on collaboration with the documents that are scanned.

Adobe Scan is available on both Android and iOS for free and through a subscription plan for USD $ 9.99 per month or USD $ 89.99 per year. 

Abby FineScanner

This is one of the most advanced applications since this software uses optical character recognition ( OCR ) to scan text in 193 languages.

In addition, it works with 12 file formats, including DOCX, PDF, and TXT, to scan printed text, manuscript, add signatures and notes to the text.

Create Digital Documents Easily with these Applications

Abby FineScanner is available from Android and iOS, where this latest version comes with a feature called BookScan, which allows you to scan books easily and convert the opposite pages of the book into separate images, correcting any defects.

Once the scan is done, we can share it by email or upload it to the cloud ( Dropbox, Evernote, and iCloud Drive). Finally, this application is free, and also offers a paid version with more storage capacity.


This particular application allows you to scan invoices, receipts, among others and convert them to PDF format, which is automatically uploaded to the cloud (Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive).

With CamScanner you can add annotationswatermarks on documents, and level of security offers the option of adding codes of access to documents.

This application is free for Android and iOS , however, by updating it we can enjoy a premium plan for a cost of USD $ 4.99 per month or USD $ 49.99 per year that will allow us to obtain 10GB of storage , send links of documents with protection password, download documents in batches, among other options, or an ideal commercial version  for equipment for a cost of USD $ 6.99 per user per month or USD $ 69.99 per year.

Finally, these are some of the many applications that exist in the market, however, we invite you to review Scanbot and Genius Scan that also offer excellent options when scanning any document.

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