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Different Ways To Fix Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error

Do you want to fix the Samsung Wireless charging paused error? Recently CWireless charging is not just a phenomenon. However, some electric toothbrushes use wireless charging since the early ’90s. Mobiles have the capabilities of wireless charging but it can’t become popular until smartphones became capable of fast charging. Now, we can just put our fast charging phone on wireless charging and choose up a fully charged device for an hour. Unless something went wrong. Some devices of Samsung can randomly pause with the error “Wireless Charging Paused”. If you are viewing this error, then don’t fret just dive down below and read the remaining article carefully:

How To Fix Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error:

Wireless Charging Paused Error

  • Check If Fast Charging Is Enable
  • Examine Cable
  • Fast Charging Enable But Pauses Immediately
  • Phone Can’t Charge When The Screen Shut Down

Wireless Charging Paused Error -> Check If Fast Charging Is Enable

During charging your device but it can’t fast charge, there are two best things to check. Is fast-charging enabled or not? If you want to check head over to the Settings app and move to Advanced Features > Accessories > Fast Charging.

Examine Cable

If the above solution can’t resolve the wireless charging paused issues then the main issues are in a faulty/damaged cable. Some USB cables tend to malfunction to such a degree that they can recharge just well but can’t move data. These types of cables can create a bottleneck on your mobile device and it can’t fast charge. Modifying cables can recover fast charging. However, if you can’t gain access to the new cable, just disable ‘Fast Charging’ and it still retains normal function. On the other hand, plug to a PC and check if the cable works.

Wireless Charging Paused Error -> Fast Charging Enable But Pauses Immediately

After you put your mobile down on the wireless charging surface, it says “fast charging” but then says “fast charging paused”. This is a common issue for many possible reasons.

Initially check a damaged adapter. Just connect your mobile and if it says “Cable Charging”, then it means the wireless charger’s adapter is either not fast charging compatible or is making issue. In either case, the only fix is to buy a new one. You can also confirm this simply by using your mobile fast charger and can resume normal charging.

If that fails, then dive down below:

Phone Can’t Charge When The Screen Shut Down

If your mobile stops charging when the screen locks, you can then stop your display from shutting down. Remember that, this will wear out your screen instantly. If you want to do this, you want to access developer options.

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings > About Phone (move to the end) > Software Information > Click on Build Number 7 times to enable Developer Options.

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