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Disable Thumbnail Preview on Mac

Some time ago Apple, put on the Mac, the same screen capture system as in iOS. Showing a small thumbnail in the bottom corner of the screen. It’s great if you need to preview or edit multiple captures at the same time we do them. But it is annoying you want to take many photos and have to be deleting the previews. As OSXdaily tells us, it is easy to disable previews of screenshot thumbnails on Mac.

Disable Thumbnail Preview on Mac

Disable thumbnail view on Mac

We start by clicking on the Launchpad, to open the application drawer, then click on Others, where the Screen Capture app is located. A floating bar will appear where you can find the different options that macOS offers us when making screenshots. Then click on Options, and within the drop-down menu that is shown, we must uncheck the Show Floating thumbnail box.

Once this is done, we can make all the captures we want, without showing the thumbnail on them. When we activate them again, we must know that it is not necessary to wait until the thumbnail disappears from the preview of the screenshot to take the next shot, but these views may obscure part of the screen we are working with.

How to make a screenshot in macOS Catalina of the entire screen

It is important to remember how to make screenshots in the new macOS Catalina operating system.

  1.  We use the following key combination, Shift + Command + 3, and we can see that in the lower right corner the thumbnail of the taken capture is displayed.
  2. We can click on it to edit it, dragging it to the trash if it has been taken by mistake. If we do not do any action, in 5 seconds it will be saved by default on the desktop.
  3. If at the moment of capturing the entire window, we click on it, the editing menu will be displayed where it will be possible:
  • Rotate the image
  • Sign the image
  • Set a path on it
  • Add shapes
  • Insert text
  • Set colors

Define fonts and styles

Take a screenshot of the current window

If it is not required to use the entire desktop, but only to capture the window on which we are working, we will proceed as follows:

  1.  We use the combination of Shift + Command + 4 keys, in doing so, the pointer will have a cross shape and you can only capture that window and nothing else, being highlighted.
  2. By clicking on the image, we will see the capture made in the lower right corner.

Use the toolbar in macOS Catalina.

This bar was introduced in the previous macOS Mojave system

  1. We use the key combination, Shift + Command + 5, and we will see the following:
  •  Capture the entire screen
  •  Record entire screen
  •  Capture selected part
  •  Record the selected part
  •  Capture selected window
  1.  If we click on options, it will be possible:
  • Define where the catches will be saved
  • Use timer for screen capture or recording
  • See the floating thumbnails in the lower right corner
  • Allow the system to remember which was the last capture
  • Show or not the mouse pointer.

There is also the possibility of recording the full screen or only the selected part. We use the key combination, Shift + Command + 5. We choose the desired recording method, the icon is visible in the bar and we can click on it to stop recording.

Once the video has been recorded, the Quick Time will be played.

You may have noticed a similar screenshot preview on iPhone and iPad, but in these, there is no method to disable previews. However, on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, you can slide or push the thumbnail to the side to discard it.

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