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How to watch MKV Videos on iPad from the Files Application

How to watch MKV Videos on iPad from the Files Application

If you have an MKV file in the iPad Files application that you want to see, surely, you have been able to verify that this app cannot play videos with that extension. But with the help of VLC, a free app, available on the App Store, we can watch any MKV video on iPad from the Files application.

How to watch MKV Videos on iPad from the Files Application

Watch MKV videos on iPad

To enjoy our iPad videos with MKV extension, we have to download the VLC application from the App Store. Once downloaded, we open the Files app and look for the MKV video we want to see. We touch the video in question and then click on the Share button, which is located at the top in the form of a box with a little arrow. We choose Open in VLC to open the video in this application. Now we can play, pause, advance, rewind and perform all forms of VLC viewing. Sometimes, you will have to choose first, Copy to VLC in the menu, and after a moment, open the Share screen, again to choose, Open in VLC. If for some reason, this procedure does not work, you can also use the Wifi to VLC charging method. This will copy the video file directly to the VLC app storage on the device.


How to watch MKV Videos on iPad from the Files Application

MKV is one of the most used extensions to play high definition movies. The AVI format, for example, has a very low resolution. Unlike other popular extensions such as MP4, MKVs are compatible with many more video and audio formats. Being an open-source container format and free software, one of its main features is its enormous versatility. It can contain an unlimited amount of video, audio or subtitle tracks within a single file.

iTunes Watch videos on iPad

Another way, not to saturate our iPad, could be through iTunes. It’s easy, just open it on our PC or MAC, and click on the iPad icon, in the drop-down menu we click on applications, look for VLC, and clicking on it, will open on the right, all the files we have in that application. We will drag what we want to import and they will automatically be passed to the iPad.

Waltr 2. MKV Videos


There is another way to pass MKV videos to our iPad if we don’t want to use iTunes. This is the Waltr 2 application. For free, we download and install it on our PC or MAC. We connect the iPad and in a simple way, we drag the video to our device .. Having the possibility to do it wirelessly. By clicking on the cogwheel in the lower right corner of the Waltr 2 window and select Activate Wifi.

These are the different ways to watch your MKV videos on your iPad. Now you just have to choose the most appropriate one.

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