Download and Install Chrome for Android TV


Chrome for Android TV

Android TV is actually a really great TV OS but it was slightly disappointing. When I realized that it does not really have a decent browser preloaded actually. I have also found three ways with which you guys can install a browser on your Android TV. In this article, we are going to talk about Download and Install Chrome for Android TV. Let’s begin!

Not each and every Android TV device would let you install Chrome along with the first two methods. Some of these devices are basically optimized for Chrome, however, most of the devices just don’t acknowledge the existence of the Chrome browser actually. The third method basically makes sure the installation of Chrome Browser on any Android TV device as well.

Download and Install Chrome for Android TV Via Computer

The Google Play Store is actually the official store to download all of the apps on your Android TV. Play Store can really easily install the apps for you on your Android TV too. In order to do this, you would need a computer.

  • First, you have to open the web browser on your PC and head to
  • Then make sure you are log in along with the same account on both the computer and the Android TV as well.
  • Now search for a Chrome browser in the search bar and then open the app page.
  • Press the Install button and the page would ask you in order to choose the device on which you guys want to install the browser.
  • Choose your Android TV from the list in order to install the browser on your TV. That’s actually how easy it is.
  • Well, the only limitation of this method is that it can only download the apps which are optimized for your device. Well, in my case, Google Chrome did not install along with this method actually.

Download and Install Chrome for Android TV Via Voice Commands

  • Android TV basically comes along with a voice command feature for easy navigation on the TV mainly. Because of a lack of sophisticated input devices such as a mouse and a keyboard as well.
  • In order to install a web browser with the voice commands, then simply activate the Assistant and speak ‘open or install’ followed through the app name.
  • It’d open the Play Store and you guys can install it from there. Confirm through tapping the Install button with the remote. It should install the app and then show up in the app drawer as well.

Chrome for Android TV

Download and Install Chrome for Android TV via a Flash Drive

Now, this method is actually a little more complicated, however, would let you install all kinds of browsers on your Android TV. Well, unlike the last two methods, sideloading apps will provide you the ability. In order to install all the web browsers, in fact, all of these apps are not actually available by default. These apps would work or not, that is actually an entirely different argument for you.

  • First, you have to install ES File Explorer on your Android TV from the Play Store. You guys can simply head to the play store and install the app from there too. Open the app from the drawer as well.
  • Now we need to download the APK for the web browser as well. You guys can use APK mirror or any other website to download the APK package of any web browser on your PC.
  • Well, after downloading the APK file, just copy the file to a flash drive and then connect it to the Android TV. Just open ES File Explorer and then choose the USB drive and navigate to the file.
  • Now press the Chrome APK along with your controller and follow the instructions in order to install the APK on your Android TV.

Further | Chrome for Android TV

You guys may have to give an exception to ES File Explorer and permit the installation of the app from unknown sources. The option is generally available in Settings too. You guys can open the Settings on Android TV and then navigate to Security and Restrictions actually. You guys will find the option ‘Unknown Sources‘. Turn on the apps to give access to let them sideload apps.

Chrome for Android TV

Well, sideloading apps on Android TV don’t always display the app icons in the app drawer actually. Whenever I was testing these apps on different Android TVs, some of these devices didn’t really show the app icon. In order to get around this problem, you guys can install another app. That basically lets you see the app icons of sideloaded apps as well.

  • You have to install Sideload Launcher from the Play Store. The app is basically designed for Android TV so you guys won’t have any problems.
  • After you install Sideload Launcher, just open the app and you guys will see the Chrome browser sitting there, nice and smug as well.
  • Now choose the app icon and then open the sideloaded Chrome Browser.
  • You guys can set up the browser here and even log in with your account in order to sync all of the bookmarks, history, and saved passwords as well.

And, that is how you guys can sideload any app in order to use it on your Android TV.


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