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How To Extract APK Files On Android Or PC

APK or you can say that Android Package Kit is a file format that is used in Android smartphones to install apps. Like EXE and dmg files they are for Windows and Mac PCs, which allows users to install different programs. Since users usually install apps from the Play Store, they do not require the download of APK files. But if you’re looking for ways to extract APK files, then you’re on the right page. Here we mentioned how to get the APK of any application without having to install them on your devices from the Play Store.

What is the need to extract APK?

You can extract APK files for apps or even games so you can save them on your device or PC. In this way, you will always have the backup in case you need it. Having an APK can also be useful for transferring apps to another phone or tablet that does not have an active Internet connection. Simply sharing the APK will allow them to install the app without having to create an account or ID needed to download and install apps.

Not only that, but the APK file can also be useful in terms of versions. Sometimes it happens that Play Store may have the updated version of the app that you might not like. Or the app is no longer available in the Play Store or is incompatible with your device. Having the APK can help you install the app without any problems that you may encounter.

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Methods to extract APK files on Android, PC

Below you can find 3 ways to get APK files for any app or game available on your device. Some of the methods are performed by the Android phone itself, while others can be run on both Android devices and on any PC or Mac browser.

Method 1 – Using Apk Extractor

  1. It is a third-party app that you can download for free from the Play Store.
  2. When the installation is complete, open the app. It will take a few seconds and then it will show you the list of all the apps and services installed on your device.
  3. Now, to extract the APK from any installed app, all you have to do is tap or select the desired app, here we have used the Calculator app to save it as an APK. It will show you a message that is extracted to the path.
  4. You can also select multiple apps by tapping and holding an app, then marking the desired apps. After selecting the apps, tap the download icon at the top to save the APK.
  5. To view the location of the APK file on the Android phone for the extracted apps, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then select Settings.


Here, at the top, you can see the saved path that will show you the exact location where the APKs are saved. You can also set your own route if necessary.

Method 2: From the Google Play Store

  1. Through this method, you can easily extract APK files directly from the Play Store. Here we will use an online tool, Evozi APK Downloader, which can be used on your PC or phone browser.
  2. To download the APK, you must also open Play Store in your web browser. With this method, you can get the APK of any app without installing them.

Now browse the Play Store, go to the desired app and copy the URL.

  1. After copying the link, open the Evozi APK download website and paste the URL into the box as shown in the following image. Then click on the Generate Download Link tab below the box where you pasted the URL.
  2. It will take a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the APK. Next, it will provide you with the details of the app and the link from which you can download your APK.
  3. Just tap Click here to download.


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Method 3: Via a Website

  1. In this method, we will use a Web site such as APKMirror from which you can download APK for any app directly on the PC.
  2. Open the website shown above, then in the search bar, enter the desired app name and press Enter.
  3. Next, the website will show you the results of your searched keyword and provide you with the APK list for that app.
  4. It will provide apps with the latest updates and display the dates on which they can choose. Just select the desired version of APK and a new page will open.
  5. From here, click on the variant option below the Download box, as shown in the following image, which will open the download page.
  6. Now, in this new page, click DOWNLOAD APK and the job will be ready.

You can also use this method in your Android browser.

Additional method

Well, you can also use SHAREit on your Android devices. Technically it will not extract the APK, but with this, it is possible to send APK files for any app installed on one device to another device. Just select the apps you want to share and send them. The receiver will receive the APK that can be used for installation on the device.

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Final Words

With these methods, you can easily extract the APK for the app installed on your Android devices. Or simply download the APK file for the app without having to install it.

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