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How to Download Lineage OS 16 On LG G7 ThinQ Android Pie Custom Firmware

Using the idea of Android 9.0 Pie the lineage OS 16 made a new custom  ROM for there latest LG G7 think q. This is very helpful for the users of LG G7  that uses android  Pie custom firmware. They will be able to install lineage OS 16.

The Lg G7 think Q was introduced in may 2018 and had operating system android 8 Oreo. But, later on, it was upgraded to android nine pie. The lineage system is available is readily available and can be download on any custom ROM. It is mainly for those people who love to use custom ROM on their device.

Lineage OS 16

The honor for creating custom ROM goes to the members of XDA Josh1X. This team is considered the best in the android market, developing custom ROM. Customers who like custom ROM most widely use this operating system. It provides the best experience when used. The concept of Lineage OS 16 is the same as the android pie 9.0. Android 9.0 pie is very durable and very easy to use. It has a very smooth user interface. To help customer, we will discuss a way to download and easily install the new lineage OS 16.

The main advantage of custom ROM is that it gives users the ability to customize their devices. It provides the strength to use some aftermarket features which is not available in in-stock ROM although the officially released stock firmware is excellent.

Feature Of Lineage OS 16

The main features provided to the users are

  • New volume slider
  • Well being
  • New recent UI
  • Notch support
  • Advanced battery


To install the user should have the latest TWRP custom recovery in the device. Then the boot loader has to be already unlocked. In the device this way the user can install lineage OS 16 in LG G 7  having custom ROM.

To start with properly have a backup of your device. So that valuable data of the user is saved from being deleted. The user has to follow the instructions given below.

The instructions below are only for LG G7 think Q. So the user can install lineage OS 16 in the device. It is advice able not to install it on any other smartphone, or it will be bricked.

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  • The first thing is to make sure the battery level of the smartphone, LG is almost 80 %.
  • Moving on user need to download proper USB drivers on hi PC  for the LG G7 Think
  • The best way to start with is to make an appropriate recovery of the smartphone data. Use the preferred software for improvements such as CWM or TWRP. This will be very helpful if anything goes wrong, and the data can be quickly restored.
  • The text user has to enable the debugging mode in his one plus one. It is done by going into settings then into developer options. A handy tip for the user is to click on Built number  7 or 10 times. This way user can enable developer option in LG G7 to think Q. when user tap he will get developer message.
  • The next thing is the phone should be rooted. The newest version of recovery software such as CWM or TWR should be installed
  • The customer needs to unlock the boot loader of the smartphone.

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To install lineage OS 16 on android 9.0 pie, the user needs to follow these steps

To start with customer requires to download the Google apps package and the lineage OS 46. That is based on Android 9.0.

The next step is to restart the LG G7 think Q so the smartphone boot to the recovery mode.

Required Files

User needs to download two files

To Reboot Do Following Steps

  • Power off the phone
  • Hold and press volume down key
  • Now press the power button withholding the amount down key
  • Keep pressing the buttons until Lg logo appears
  • Soon release the power button then press again
  • Keep doing this process until recovery mode displayed on LG g7

Once into the recovery mode, start the wipe. To do this wipe from the main recovery menu an select the Wipe data factory reset. Then, wipe cache partition and at last wipe Dalvik cache.

  • The user needs to reboot into the android mode now
  • Using the USB data cable connect the LG g7 to pc.
  • Transfer the Google apps zip and the downloaded firmware into the root folder of SD card
  • User has to go to recovery mode again by removing the data cable
  • Now click on the android 9.0 firmware and start the installation process
  • Install the Google app software in the smartphone
  • Once done reboot the system from recovery mode
  • Now its done the user can enjoy lineage OS 16 in his LG g7 thin Q


We can say that by following these easy steps. Users can download lineage to there LG G7 ThinQ. It will help them have better control over all the features of there mobile. It proves useful for those users that want to have developer access. User can install lineage and fully customize there smartphone. These steps are helpful and can be easily be performed. Lineage OS 16 is best for the most user who wants advanced features in mobile. That is not available on Andriod pie.

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