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How To Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Issue

If you are using Android, one of the most annoying things you have faced on your smartphone could be an error message Google Play Store Download Pending and stop downloading apps on your device. You’ve never been in the situation and you thought it is one of the worst when downloading apps? Well, it is quite common in the Android operating system and in this article, we will share how to solve the download pending problem.

Before entering the rectification procedures, we take it to the scenarios that mainly cause the problem of” Download Pending”. It can happen to any smartphone, even if it is a basic smartphone or at a great price.

In most cases, it appears that the Internet connection has been interrupted or disconnected or limited to the Play Store. Furthermore, we noticed the same problem concerning users who have programmed many apps for installation in a long queue. For your information, the Google Play Store does not allow simultaneous download or installation to avoid storage inconsistencies. It can also be a mistake with the latest version of the Google Play service collection. Whatever the problem, we have already verified all the adverse conditions that cause the aforementioned problem and we have the solution for you.

Based on the root cause of the problem, at the moment we have listed all the possible solutions available and you can consult them below.

Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Problem:

Check the following things:

  • Internet connection status.
  • If more applications are downloaded.
  • Multiple simultaneous updates in progress.
  • Storage space has free space.
  • Delete Play Store Cache / Data and Force Stop.
  • Return to Play Store to the previous version.
  • Please log in to your Google account again.

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Check Internet Status Connection

As we have said before, the Internet problem can also cause the same problem in any Android smartphone. First, check the network coverage for your provider. If there is a strong signal, it is necessary to check if you have an operator data plan with functional connectivity.

When the network setting is 2G or 3G (instead of 4G), the network might be a bit stagnant at times and finally, when using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure you have a good connection and that the network does not is limited.

Check if more apps are downloaded

Google Play services do not allow multiple downloads from the Google Play Store simultaneously. As a queued process, multiple downloads end in series, one after the other. Therefore, other apps may show a problem waiting for download from the Google Play Store when downloading an app. In this case, wait until the current one finishes the installation or cancel it to start with the one you want.

Search for multiple and simultaneous updates

The problem due to multiple updates is the same as in the previous case. If your Google Play Store is downloading multiple updates at the same time, the system cannot install any other app. Here is the solution:

Open Google Play Store => My apps and games => Tap “Stop” if the updates are in the queue.

Check the storage space

The device may run out if the storage space has ended with the problem. Therefore, check the available storage space using any file management app or from the settings, Settings => Storage.

If your smartphone does not have enough space, free up space by removing files, unwanted apps and moving some apps to the SD card using the following steps.

Settings => Apps => Choose any app => Move to SD card.

Note: This option may not be available with all phones.

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Clear Play Store Cache / Data and Force Stop

Clear Play Store Cache

If none of the previous situations is similar to yours, you will have to create another solution outside the Play Store, but at the system level. The problem of “pending downloads” may also persist due to cookies, cache or other “incorrect” data in the local memory of the smartphone with respect to the app. Therefore, you need to follow these steps and check if it works:

Go to Settings => Apps => System apps => Google Play Store => Storage => Clear cache & Clear data

Now go back to PlayStore. It will open as if you were opening it for the first time and apps should be downloaded.

Rollback Play Store to the previous version

Play Store

As we have experienced, some updates for Google Play Services or Play Store can also cause such problems. You can go to Settings => Apps => System Apps => Google Play Store => Tap the menu icon with ellipses => Uninstall updates. This will return the version of your Play Store to the previous version number.

Log in to your Google account again

Re-Login to the Google Account

The last step you can do to solve the problem is to log out of the Google account from your smartphone and try to log in again. To do this, enter Settings => Accounts => Google => Three-dots icon (ellipsis) => Remove account. You can then open any of the Google apps (Google, Play Store, Play Games, Chrome or other) and log in again with your Google credentials.

Make sure you read everything before applying the fix on your phone. First choose what might work for you, then choose the following.

I hope this helps you solve problems.

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