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Gmail Now Lets You Block Images

Gmail now lets you block images on your iPhone and iPad. Here’s how

It’s tiresome waiting for a Gmail message to load on your iPhone because of a huge attached image. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait anymore, because Google is adding a new setting for iPhone users that lets you keep images from automatically loading when you open an email. The setting also blocks unsolicited email tracking from spammers.


The update scans the images to make sure there isn’t any suspicious content that the sender may use to track your location and use cookies. Gmail also makes sure the images don’t contain harmful software. If Google detects something suspicious, Gmail won’t show you the images and instead gives you the option to open them.

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Here’s how to disable images in Gmail from automatically opening.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app.

  1. In the top left, tap on the three-line hamburger menu.
  2. Select Settingsfrom the menu.
  3. Tap your Gmail account at the top.
  4. Select Images.
  5. Choose Ask before displaying external images.
  6. When you open an email that contains images, they will be hidden. If you want to see them, tap Display images.

You can change this setting at any time by switching back to the Always display external images setting.

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