T-Mobile Subscribers Have A Good Reason To Be Enthusiastic About The Apple iPhone 2019 Models

T-Mobile Subscribers Have A Good Reason To Be Enthusiastic About The Apple iPhone 2019 Models. Of course, it is obvious that the subscribers of the four major US carriers are waiting for Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. But customers of a particular network could see the maximum benefit. T-Mobile’s chief technical officer, Neville Ray, tweeted today. He announced that the iPhone 2019 will support the operator’s 600 MHz low-band spectrum. Low-frequency waves travel farther and penetrate buildings better than mid- and high-bandwidth spectrum. And the company spent nearly $8 billion to gain 31MHz of 600MHz at an FCC auction held in 2017.

T-Mobile said today that most consumers in the US are holding their phones for a longer period of time before the update (the average is 3 years depending on the provider). As a result, many consumers have older phones that cannot take advantage of the latest technological advances in network technology. In other words, these Americans do not enjoy the maximum 4G LTE data rate available. And T-Mobile customers with a new iPhone that supports its 600 MHz spectrum will have 792,000 square miles or 52% more LTE coverage than phones that do not support the wireless provider’s low bandwidth network.

T-Mobile also notes that its customers who already use a smartphone that supports 600 MHz radio waves use 50% more data than customers who use a phone without such support. As our loyal readers have pointed out, the 2018 iPhones have admitted band 71 which uses the 600MHz vector spectrum.

T-Mobile to announce an offer soon

T-Mobile is teasing an incredible offer for iPhone and promises to announce it soon. Meanwhile, T-Mobile customers can pre-order one of the new iPhone or Apple Watch Series 5 models starting at 5:00 PDT (8:00 EDT) on Friday 13 September. The devices will be available in T-Mobile and Metro stores at T-Mobile stores starting September 20th. The seventh-generation iPad is expected in stores on September 30th. Prices will be announced shortly.

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You may have noticed the new T-Mobile TV commercials that promote its 600MHz low-frequency spectrum. If you are a T-Mobile subscriber who uses a previous iPhone model, you might consider upgrading to one of the iPhones 2019 and check out the advantage of having a phone that runs on the 600 MHz operator’s waves.

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