How To Access Blackboard in Chrome & Firefox


Have you ever try to access Blackboard in Chrome & Firefox? Blackboard Learn is an app that enables you for communities, online teaching, and a space to send knowledge. This provides students and teachers especially with a neat and customizable method to learn online. Also, it can be accessed by the web or using their IOS app, Blackboard. Also, it can be used to learn K-12 and college classes, but mainly it is used for college classes.

Access Blackboard in Chrome & Firefox:

Installing Blackboard Learn

If you want to install Blackboard Learn on Firefox or Chrome. Then initially check and view if the browser is able to host Blackboard Learn.

These are the models that support Blackboard Learn:

  • Chrome: 63 and up
  • Firefox: 57 and up

If you want to check your model in Google Chrome. Simply tap the 3 dots located on the top right of the screen. Also, tap on “Help” towards the bottom of the list. Then, tap “About Google Chrome” and the models should be listed under Google Chrome.

Check Version In Firefox:

Tap the 3 vertical lines located at the top right of the screen and in the drop-down list. Simply tap on the “i” icon and then tap “About Firefox”. A pop-up window appears that will display you the model you are using.

If your models can’t support Blackboard software. Then you might be able to update it within the window or page that displays you the models you are using.

After this, head over to and tap on the yellow button saying “Try Blackboard” or move to Then, move down to where it says “Experience Blackboard”. This model contains Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard Learn, SafeAssign, and Blackboard Ally. Just tap “Try With Course sites” and it will redirect you to a new page. Tap “Register Now” and register as a student or teacher. Input all the confidential information required and then tap “Submit”.


For students, the page opens up to your courses. Your teacher enrolls you so that you’ll be able to view the course that you are in with them.

For teachers, if they want to enroll a new student, head over to the course’s Control Panel, and under Users and Groups you will tap “Users”. Then, tap “Not Blank” which will display you all users. Tap “Go” and all of the students enrolled will be displayed. In this way, simply check and view if the student has already been enrolled.

If you want to enroll new users, move to the course’s “Course Management area” and in the lower-left corner tap “Users & Groups” then tap “Users”. At last, do NOT use the search box, tap “Find Users to Enroll.” Here you can select to enter the student’s username. Leave the Role list on “Student” and then leave the enrollment availability set to “Yes” and tap submit.

In case, if you don’t know the username. Simply tap the Browse button. Also, you try to look for them by their full name. In case, if your student has a similar or common name or last name. Then you can search it via the student’s email address. Once you have chosen the student, tap “submit”.

Well, it depends on your school, this might or might not fully enroll the student if they need to pay tuition and/or fees. Should you encounter any other problems, your administration or school might be able to help


For teachers, you can insert many tabs to help your students. Simply choose the edit mode, and with this, you might manipulate the tabs on the Course Menu located on the left-hand side. You can also remove tabs by tapping the icon with the 2 down arrows in it. Also, you can add new tabs by hitting the + sign on the left side of the Course Menu. There are many small icons located next to each tab that shows you if the tab has empty or else students can view the content and others. If you want to find out what the icon means, simply hover over them. They will be shown right next to the title of the tab. However, if the Course Menu is in the way, simply hide it by tapping the yellow tab located on the right side.

Using Blackboard Learn, you might make assignments, announcements, offer discussion boards, and much more. Making new posts to each tab is quite simple and easy. Simply tap on the tab you want to add to. For example “Assignments” and tap one of the grey buttons located at the top to plan what material you would want to add.

Also, they offer a way to add pictures, slideshow presentations, videos, and the ability to “Paste from Word” so that the Word document format can’t be lost. Also, interactive tools can be included as well like journals, blogs, and groups, quizzes and tests can be added to Blackboard Learn as well. Enjoy Happy teaching and learning! 🤗


Here’s all about ”Access Blackboard in Chrome & Firefox”. Have you ever face issues while accessing Blackboard in Chrome & Firefox? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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