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How to Block Adult Content on Android – Tutorial

As digital devices are getting more famous day by day, especially smartphones, children and teenagers are also getting easy access to the internet. Along with only a tap of a button, they can see anything and everything on the internet actually. Android phones have become way too famous among children these days. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Block Adult Content on Android. Let’s begin!

Because they have 24×7 internet access via their Android phones, they can also view any type of content that is circulating on the web. This also includes visiting inappropriate websites and watching adult content as well. That why, we are going to teach you how to block inappropriate websites on Android phones of your children as well.

When children have access to the internet, they are open to see all sorts of content – good, bad, and even porn as well. Yes, you heard that correct. Many studies have confirmed that continuous exposure to pornography has shown signs of aggressive behavior in children.

Unfortunately, websites do not enforce strict rules in order to block or report porn for children. Well, it is the parent’s responsibility to take this job in their hands and it comes down to their willingness to avoid their children from visiting and watching inappropriate content on the internet as well.

What’s more

Although it may be unreasonable in order to stop them from using a smartphone or any other digital device. you can take many safety measures to block porn sites or any other kind of adult content on their Android cell phones and tablets as well.

Well, we are not necessarily asking you to spy on your children’s Android phone. You might as well have a conversation along with them about what to see and what not on the internet. But, if you feel your child is not old enough to have a mature conversation with you. It’s better to block inappropriate websites on their Android phone actually.

How to Block Adult Content on Android

Studies have also confirmed a positive correlation between children’s exposure to pornography and aggressive behavior actually. Websites don’t enforce strict rules to block these types of content for children. So, it all comes down to parents actually. Although you can’t stop them from using a smartphone, you can take many measures in order to block adult content on their Android smartphone and tablet.

Play Store Settings

The first method of how to make sure that your kids are protected online from potentially harmful content is basically to turn on the restriction on Google Play on their Android devices. This will avoid children from downloading apps, games, and many other web resources that are not appropriate for their age.

In order to do that, open Play Store, click on the menu icon and choose Parental controls under Settings. Create a PIN here to avoid your kids from accessing apps that have adult content in nature.

how to block adult content on android


When you have set up a PIN, you will see three different categories Apps & Games, Movies, and Music as well. Click every one to restrict content based on the age and maturity of your kids.

Block Adult Content in Chrome

You can also turn on safe search in the Chrome browser app for Android. This will block explicit pictures, videos, and websites from Google Search results. Safe Search is also available in other Chromium browsers such as Brave and non-Chromium browsers like Opera and Firefox as well. Open Settings in order to find it.

OpenDNS to Block Adult Content

Another way in order to block porn on your child’s Android phone is through using OpenDNS. This method not only helps you block porn or adult sites, however, also lets you set filters to much other inappropriate content. That they may come across on the internet like illegal activity, violence, video sharing apps like TikTok, and folks who waste your time online.

Adult content not only includes porn but also violent content, swearing, bullying, disturbing pictures. Along with dead bodies and blood, and even content that’s politically and religiously incorrect. You don’t want your kids to grow up hating one religion or sector of society right.

If you want to set OpenDNS as your default DNS server, head to Android Settings and then tap on “Network and Internet”. Next, click on WiFi and then on the gear icon beside your home’s WiFi. You will now see an edit button at the top-right corner, you have to tap on it. In order to set the DNS IP Address, we would have to change IP settings from DHCP to Static. Post that, you guys need to enter the IP Address and DNS 1, DNS 2 address as follows.

IP Address:
DNS 1: 
DNS 2:
You can also use the WiFi Setting app in order to directly change the DNS Server address.


  • This service is basically maintained by a large organization that constantly keeps on updating the OpenDNS filter list. However, you can also create a free account in OpenDNS and select your filter level from low to high.
  • You can also add OpenDNS Server to your router and block adult content on each device that is connected to your WiFi.


  • OpenDNS can be easily bypassed via a VPN app. So if you think your child is smart enough to do that then make sure you block the access to Play Store and your device settings as well.

Another warning is that the phone is not always connected to the home WiFi. For instance, when your kids are out and about, then they may use some other WiFi or access the internet through mobile data. In such cases, OpenDNS is not useful actually.

Google Family Link

Google recently launched Family Link, a parental control app that basically acts like Apple’s screentime. You can control which apps kids have access to, for how long, and also what happens when their time is up. Also you can lock any apps that you don’t want the kids to access and many other apps will have a timer for the day as well.

How to Block Adult Content on Android - Tutorial

You can also create a new Google account for your kids and permit them in order to access a curated list of apps from teachers and top institutes. When everything is set up, then you will receive daily reports on your kids’ activities and what they were up to during the day. You can also restrict new app downloads and in-app purchases so that you know they are not downloading. And then deleting adult content themed apps without your knowledge actually.

Norton Family parental control

The Google Play Store listing of Norton Family parental control actually says that it can help parents in order to keep their kids safe online. The app actually permits parents to supervise the online activity and enforce a few rules as well. With Norton Family parental control, you can also monitor text messages, search activities, website monitoring, etc.

how to block adult content on android

Not just that, but whenever the kids try to break any set rule, Norton Family parental control sends notification immediately to you. But, it’s a premium app, however, you can get the free 30 days trial period in which you can enjoy the premium features for free as well.


Well, pornAway is actually a modded version of the famed Adaway app (the app that blocks ads on your Android). But, PornAway is tailored in order to block adult sites rather than ads. Unlike many other apps that block adult content on Android in this list, PornAway basically blocks adult content through your whole Andriod. No matter which app or browser you use, PornAway will block adult websites everywhere as well. Although, you’ll need a rooted Android device in order to use PornAway. Let’s see how it basically works.

  • Make sure the installation from unknown sources is allowed on your Android
  • Download PornAway APK and then install it
  • Give it ROOT access
  • Click on “Enable porn blocking”

When the app updates your host file, you can go ahead and also uninstall PornAway or even unroot your Android. The block will still work as well. However, if you want to turn off porn block in the future, then you’ll have to use the same app and need root access.


  • Free
  • Works with every app
  • Blocks all kind of porn


  • Need Root access

Using a Firewall

Firewalls provide security through monitoring access to your device and blocking data using a set of rules as well. Think of a firewall as a fence between you and the internet actually. Make sure you select a no-root firewall so that you do not have to root your Android device.

One of the most downloaded firewalls for Android is basically NoRoot Firewall by Grey Shirts. Along with NoRoot Firewall, you can also block sites relying on whether you’re using the internet through a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data connection actually. You’ll also receive notifications whenever an app attempts to access the internet. NoRoot Firewall is free to download, does not contain ads, and has no in-app purchases.

In order to block a website using NoRoot Firewall:


  • First, open NoRoot Firewall and then swipe left on the gray bar at the top to choose the Global Filters tab.
  • Then tap on New Pre-Filter.
  • Enter the full URL of the site you need to block including Http or https in front of the domain name actually.
  • In the Port line, you have to tap the down arrow, then tap the asterisk (*).
  • Then tap OK.
  • Swipe right on the gray bar at the top to head to the Home tab.
  • Click Start. The pre-filter that you created in order to block the website will be added to the list of firewall rules.


If you are not happy with openDNS and any other IP solutions mentioned above, then simply get Blokada. It’s basically an open-source app that uses custom or pre-set DNS IPs in order to block ads, websites, and adult content on Android phones. The best thing is that you don’t even have to mess around with settings a lot as well. Download and sideload the app using the link below. It is not available on the Play Store however is safe to use. Blokada is the best way to block adult content on Android smartphones as well.

There lists of hosts that you can use to block particular kinds of content such as spam, ads, porn, crypto mining scripts, and much more. Just click on a host list to read what it does blocks and enable it. You can enable more than one host list but don’t overdo it. If you think the block is too aggressive, choose a different list.

how to block adult content on android

You can also add your own sites and IP addresses to a list or whitelist many websites that you believe were blocked by mistake. This provides you complete control over the block that works across the smartphone and all apps installed as well.


You can also configure DNS automatically and there are, again, a number of options to select from. I am using Google Public DNS however you can select any including openDNS we mentioned above. Just turn on an option and you are done. It will then protect you against spam, adult content, and protect your data.

Finally, there is also a paid feature called VPN. You can use it to further safeguard your data and secure your children from any type of harm.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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