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How to Change Android Device Serial Number

Android Serial number of each and every mobile device is its identity in order to recognize that network on the cellular network and to recognize the licenses. That had been made for that device and also this identity is by default set by the maker of that device. You can’t actually change the IMEI number in order to detect over the cellular network. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Change Android Device Serial Number. Let’s begin!

However, you can actually change this on your device for a temporary time for the apps and the devices licenses as well. And this actually fakes your device identity and also you can use this in a very cool way of faking some of the recharge apps to get the bonus. Then you guys can also change the IMEI number to its default also. And in this guide, we are discussing the same.

Each and every smartphone has also a unique serial number that is assigned via the manufacturers. The serial number basically act as an identity of the smartphone that basically helps the manufacturer in order to recognize their device. It also has a few other uses. So, the serial number on Android has really great importance.

The serial number is mostly listed as an ‘S/N’ on the smartphone’s box. The serial number is actually useful for device service, replacement, or warranty. Some of the users confuse Serial Number along with IMEI, however, both of them are different actually. The serial number also plays a really important role in accepting the cellular network and app licenses as well.

How to Change Android Device Serial Number

Although changing the serial number is never actually recommended as it voids the warranty stops the software updates. Still many of users search for how they can change the serial number on Android. So, if you are also searching for the same, then just check out the best method in order to change the Serial number of Android 2019.

The method is really simple, and you just have a rooted Android device that will permit the Xposed installer in order to run on a device. After you gusy have the Xposed installer, then you will have to use the Xposed module app in order to change the serial number of your Android. For this you have to follow the guide below.


  • First of all, you have a rooted Android as Xposed installer can be only installed on a rooted Android actually. So Root your android in order to proceed.
  • After you root your Android device, you need to install the Xposed installer on your Android, and that is a really lengthy process.
  • Now after you have the Xposed framework on your Android, the only thing that you have is the Xposed module Serial Number Changer. That will permit you to change the serial number of your Android device.
  • Now you have to install the app and launch it on your Android and you just have to give superuser access to the app to proceed. And after that, you have to reboot your Android device for the proper working of the Android actually. Now oepn the app and then just enter the serial number that you have to set on your device.
  • Now you have to reboot your device and then just head to Settings > About Phone > Status > Serial Number. In order to find out if your serial number had changed or not.

How you can change IMEI number

  • First of all, dial *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#* on your android device.
  • Now, tap on the Connectivity option or call pad,
  • Then you have to look for CDS information and then tap on it.
  • Then, just check for Radio information.
  • if your android device is basically a dual sim device. Then you will get two options such as IMEI_1  [SIM1] and IMEI_2 [SIM2]. Then just choose any one or of which you ave to change IMEI number.
  • Now, you can change your IMEI number, that illustrated below,

AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” and “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2

  • Finally, just replace IMEI1 or IMEI2 along with your desired number. and then just tap on SEND.

Note: You guys can also change the IMEI number to any Blackberry [BB] IMEI number as well.


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