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How to Fix Battery Drain Issues on Nougat

Apparently, the battery drain has been around from Android N developer preview 3 release. Here we will show you How to Fix Battery Drain Issues on Nougat. Our dependence on smartphones is increasing day by day. We continually find new applications and new ways to make our smartphones and tablets even more useful. While this is a complete breakthrough for the technological world and for us, the only problem lies in the batteries of our smartphones that cannot keep up with our growing needs. If you are looking for solutions on how to fix your Android Battery Drain Problems, we have listed many solutions that can help you solve the problem.

Apparently, the battery drain has been around from Android N developer preview 3 release, but Google has been ignoring it. The bug doesn’t let the device go into doze mode (to save battery) and manifests itself as an Android OS or Android System in battery usage reports on the device.

Google has acknowledged the battery drain issue on Nougat over at Android issue tracker here and here.

The battery life of your smartphone or tablet depends on the type of battery used to power it. We are not talking about phones that run on a single charge for weeks, but the most practical requirement for the average user is to have a phone with a battery that lasts at least a day. Manufacturers continually try to meet our expectations with better batteries and phone software that helps optimize the use of your phone’s battery. But if you are looking for ways to make the battery last longer between charges, then you can try our suggestions.

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Common Battery Drain Issues on Nougat

  • Unnecessary battery usage by Android OS or Android System.
  • Larger Awake time (green bar) in battery usage graph.
    └ Tap on the battery usage graph on your device to see Awake time details.
  • 5 times more battery drain with Bluetooth on Nougat compared to Marshmallow.
  • Too much battery usage by Wi-Fi on Nougat.

While we don’t have a fix for all these battery issues on Nougat, but folks over at reddit have found a workaround to fix the majority of these issues.

Solutions for Android Battery Drain on Nougat

  1. Disable Ambient display: Go to Settings » Display » turn Off Ambient display toggle.
  2. Disable Adaptive Brightness: Go to Settings » Display » turn Off Adaptive brightness toggle.
  3. Remove Body Sensors permission for Google Play services:
    1. Go to Settings » Apps » select All apps from the dropdown.
    2. Select Google Play services from the list of apps installed on your device.
    3. On the App info page for Google Play services, select Permissions.
    4. Turn Off Body Sensors permission for Google Play services.
      └ If it gives you a warning, select “Deny anyway”.
  4. Reboot phone.

That’s All. Have Fun Androiding!!

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