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How to fix iOS Errors Without having to Restore the iPhone or iPad

Have you ever had a problem with your iPhone or iPad and have you had to restore it to the factory to solve it?

How to fix iOS Errors .How to Restore iPhone

This is quite common and a method that usually solves most problems. The negative part is that it is necessary to eliminate all the data of the equipment, with the annoyance that this supposes.

If you are reading these lines I suppose you have a problem with your iOS device . Problems like that only the iTunes logo appears on the screen, that the device does not leave the DFU mode, locked in the headphone mode, restart in a loop.

If so, throughout this article I am going to present TunesKit iOS System Recovery , an application for Mac and Windows with which you can solve many of the errors of iOS devices without the need to restore factory status and, of course , without loss of data.

How to fix iOS errors with TunesKit iOS System Recovery

When you detect a problem with your iOS device, the first thing I recommend is to do a hard reset of the device as explained in this Article.

If after doing this the problem continues, you should go to TunesKit iOS System Recovery to repair the problem in a few minutes and with a very simple process as you can see below.

To repair an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the software you must do the following:

How to fix iOS Errors Without having to Restore the iPhone or iPad

  1. Download iOS System Recovery from TunesKit from its official website and install it on your computer.
  2. Connect the iOS device to the computer with the USB cable and run the software.
  3. Select the problem that the device has in the list of iOS Repair section and click on Start.
  4. Choose Standard Mode (this mode will repair the device without restoring and without loss of data) and click Next.
  5. Click on Download for the application to download the corresponding iOS installation file to the device and start the repair process.

The download will take a few minutes and, once completed, the repair will start automatically. It is important that during this process do not disconnect at any time the smartphone or tablet and also that during all the time the computer is on and does not come to rest at any time.

After a few minutes, the software will warn you that it is over and if everything has gone the device should return to normal operation.

What to do if recovery has not been possible?

How to fix iOS Errors Without having to Restore the iPhone or iPad

If the problem is very serious it is possible that iOS System Recovery cannot fix it. In these cases, the software itself has an advanced mode that works more aggressively.

With the advanced mode, the device will be restored to the factory state, so there is loss of data. Anyway, in this way you only need to access if you need a solution to the black screen on the iPhone or similar, that is, serious problems that need a deeper repair than the standard mode is not able to achieve (usually due to the need to modify files that it is not possible with the device in operation).

If you need to opt for this mode, the steps to follow are very similar to the previous ones. The difference is that in point 4 you will have to choose the Advanced mode and keep in mind that before you have to make a backup in case you do not have it, otherwise your data will be lost during the restoration process and I’m sure it’s something you do not want to go through.

Once the repair is completed with the advanced mode, the device should work normally again. In case you do not do it, most likely the problem is hardware and at this point, the best recommendation I can give you is to take the equipment to a technical service for review.

Repairing iOS devices has never been so easy

As you can see the use of TunesKit iOS System Recovery is extremely simple. In a few minutes, you can repair any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with software problems and in most cases, you will not need to resort to advanced mode, so there will be no loss of data.

I hope that with these instructions you get your equipment back to normal functioning and that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

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