New iOS 12.3.2 Fixes Portrait Mode on iPhone 8 Plus

iphone iOS 12.3.2Apple has unexpectedly behind iOS 12.3.1 behind the recently released iOS 12.3.1. The new version contains a fix for a bug that probably originated with iOS 12.3 or iOS 12.3.1 and affects the portrait mode of the iPhone 8 Plus.

With iOS 12.3.2, an unscheduled update of iOS 12 has been released. iOS 12.3.2 will be released about two weeks after iOS 12.3.1. By now, we’re sure that this was not the last update before iOS 13 appeared – even if the bugs are trivial.

Apple writes in its update notes that iOS 12.3.2 fixes an issue that caused the camera app on the iPhone 8 Plus to take pictures in portrait orientation without depth. Other iPhones are not affected.

The update could also fix security issues. For devices other than the iPhone 8 Plus it does not seem to be iOS 12.3.2 – at least we have not discovered it on an iPhone X yet.

iOS 12.3.2 can be played over-the-air when the device is connected to a WLAN. Whether the update of the operating system is already displayed in the system settings, is currently still different from user to user, because Apple apparently does not give the signal in one go to avoid server overloads. As always, users should make a fresh backup before uploading, if technically possible.

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iOS 12.3.1 had fixed several bugs. A mistake made sure that those affected could neither make calls via LTE nor accept calls. The second problem concerns the Messenger iMessage, which had two errors at once. Even with the filter enabled, preventing unknown senders from sending you messages, they appeared in the message history. This anti-spam feature has been around for a while and worked fine so far. Why iOS 12.3 had problems here, is not known. In addition, another error prevented the spam reporting button in iMessage from appearing when messages from unknown senders were received (and the above feature was disabled).

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