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How to Fix the Error PUBG Servers are Too Busy

pubg servers are too busy

Well, Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is right now the most popular battle royale game. You guys won’t believe it, but millions of users right now play this game. It’s actually an online game that depends on its servers. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Fix the Error PUBG Servers are Too Busy. Let’s begin!

Recently, PUBG received a really big update, that has triggered lots of errors. A lot of PUBG Players have also reported that they are getting the ‘Servers Too Busy Please Try Again Later’ error message actually.

What actually is the ‘Server Too Busy Please Try Again Later’ error?

Well, the error message itself also says a lot about the problem. It clearly says that the servers were too busy in order to start a game. Users were getting this error when entering into a match actually.

So, if you guys are also getting the ‘Servers are too busy’ error message on PUBG. Then you guys are reading the right article as well. In this article, we are now going to share a few best methods to fix server errors of PUBG.

What basically Causes the Servers are too Busy Error on PUBG?

Well, after a deep survey of user complaints about this error and then analyzing the strategies used to rectify it. We also have listed some of the reasons behind this error below as well.

  • Server Maintenance: You guys might encounter this error message if the PUBG servers are under maintenance. Mostly, the servers are put under maintenance, and also the company works on improving their services or on rectifying certain glitches and errors. However, during this period, players are not permitted to connect to those servers and the servers are too busy screen is shown whenever the connection is attempted actually.
  • Proxy Settings: You also might disconnect from the servers if Proxy Settings are turned on in your system’s settings. Proxy servers are really useful in order to mask your location and avoid certain apps and websites from being able to pinpoint you on the map. However, these settings can most of the time avoid the user from being able in order to connect to the PUBG servers. Because of network restrictions either on the server-side or on the client-side and the servers are busy at the moment the screen is displayed as well.

What’s more

  • Application Conflict: If there are some incompatible applications that are conflicting along with the Steam client. Then you guys might encounter this error message. Some of these applications might be monitoring your internet activity or some might be encrypting your network connection as well. These applications can specifically avoid you from being able to connect to the servers and then play a match as well.
  • Crowded Server: You guys might encounter this error message if a really large number of players in your area are attempting to join the game. Well, no matter how advanced or big the servers are, the PUBG player count is no doubt greater actually. Thus, if a lot of players decide to get their game on at once, the servers can then get crowded and start throwing the servers are too busy error for users as well.

How to Fix the Error PUBG Servers are Too Busy

Below, we have also discussed a few best methods in order to fix Servers are too busy error message on PUBG. So, let’s now check out how can you fix PUBG Servers are a too busy error message 2020.

Check whether the servers were under maintenance

If you guys have been playing PUBG for a while, then you also know that the game receives frequent updates. In order to push updates, PUBG Developers basically put the servers in maintenance mode. So, if that was the issue, then you have to wait for a few hours until the maintenance time ends. You guys can also check on Twitter or Reddit for any ongoing maintenance as well.

Change Your Location | PUBG servers are too busy

Well, if you guys are playing the game on any particular server and getting the error message. Then there are higher chances that more players from the same area were playing the game as well. PUBG servers were designed in a way that can only some amounts of players at a time. If the number of players exceeds the limit, it will then show errors such as ‘Servers are too busy’. In that case, you have to change the server location and give it a try too.

Reset DNS Configuration

Well, if the DNS configuration of your PC is corrupted, then it is actually mandatory to get errors whenever playing online games. So, in this method, we are now going to execute a few commands in the command prompt in order to refresh the DNS configuration actually.

  • First of all, you need to press Windows Key + R on your keyboard in order to open the Run dialog box.
  • Now on the RUN Dialog box, and then type in ‘CMD’ and then tap enter.

How to Fix the Error PUBG Servers are Too Busy

  • Then, on the Command Prompt Window, you have to enter the following commands –

ipconfig /flushdns
netsh int ipv4 reset
netsh int ipv6 reset
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig/ registerdns

Change IP Configurations | PUBG servers are too busy

Most of the users also get the PUBG ‘Servers are too busy’ error message because of the wrong IP configuration. So, in this method, we are now going to change certain IP settings in order to fix the PUBG error message.

  • First of all, just press Windows Key + R., This will basically open up the RUN dialog box.
  • On the Run dialog box, you need to type in ‘ncpa.cpl’ and tap on enter.

PUBG Servers are Too Busy

  • Then right-click on the connected network adapter and choose the ‘Properties.’
  • Now uncheck the ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPV6)’ and you have to check the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)’

Close incompatible apps

There are a lot of Softwares that interfere along with Steam and block some of its features that might avoid PUBG in order to connect to a particular server. Steam also support has provided a list of these incompatible apps to its users that might negatively affect the performance of the Steam client. If you guys still can’t get rid of this error on PUBG, then go through the list of these incompatible apps indexed below and then turn off them on your computer.

  • Tap on “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” on the keyboard and then open “Taskmanager”.
  • Now you have to navigate to the “Startup” tab.
  • Then just locate any incompatible program that is present in the list.
  • Choose all of these programs and tap on the “Disable” button
  • Now you restart your PC and then check if the error persists or not.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “PUBG servers are too busy” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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