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How To Install Google’s ARC Welder To Run Android Apps

Recently Google launched an ARC Welder Chrome app, which enables you to execute Android apps if you’re on Chrome OS or using the Chrome web browser.

App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) is in beta and so you must expect bugs. Also, you just can’t install apps from the Google Play Store. You want an Android app package or APK, or an Android app that has been saved in a ZIP file.

If you want to run APK files, initially download them from one of many repositories on the Internet. After you downloaded, you simply load them in ARC Welder, and if (big “IF”) it runs, check it out.

There’s no guarantee that all apps you try to work or that they’ll be usable. But for developers who want to create Android apps that run in Chrome OS and the Chrome browser, it’s essential for testing.

For our rest, it’s fun to play around and view how it works.

How To Install ARC Welder on Your PC

Install Google’s ARC Welder To Run Android Apps

Step 1:

You can find ARC Welder in the Chrome Web Store. Simply tap the “Install” button to get begin.

Step 2:

Tap “Add” to install the ARC Welder into Chrome apps.

Step 3:

When the Arc Welder app is added, you just find some APKs to run. There are many places from which you can download APK files. Simply try to search for particular apps with “APK”.

When you’ve found some, just open Chrome, your Chrome Apps, and then begin ARC Welder.

Step 4:

After you execute it, you need to choose a directory the APK can be written to. Tap “Choose” and then either pick an existing location or make a new one.

Step 5:

Now, you can load your first APK. Simply tap “Add your APK” to start.

Step 6:

Move to the folder where you stored your APK files and choose one. Now you can view some options, like how you like the orientation, any metadata you like to add, etc.

Step 7:

Don’t fret if you don’t like to mess with any of this, simply leave all of it to the defaults and tap “Launch App”.

Step 8:

Chances are quite good that lots of the APKs you try to load can’t work. We try to load Google Play or Facebook, but both look to hang.

Twitter worked as it is on Instagram, and a few others.

After you load an Android app in Chrome, it can be available to load as a Chrome app from thereon. You don’t want need to load it via ARC Welder.

You can also test one Android app at a time. Another time you load an APK from ARC Welder, it will erase the earlier app

Also, you can load Android apps, not just on Chrome OS, which looks a more natural fit, but on Windows, OS X, or other systems having the Chrome browser on it.

Even Macs have a large app store, it’s not too extensive, but the Windows Store app platform is prone to exploitation. So, it proves essential to have more Android apps that run on Chrome.


Here’s all about “ARC Welder”. Have you ever try to experience it? If you want to share any other method or tips regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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