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How to know if an iPhone is new or reconditioned

Apple offers a large section of reconditioned devices, it is iPhone that has been returned to Apple for some reason and the company has repaired if necessary. These devices can be found at cheaper prices on Apple’s own website.

However, if we are going to buy an iPhone over the Internet or in an unofficial store or even second hand, it is very likely that we do not know what type of device it is. For this Apple has devised a system so you can easily recognize if an iPhone is new, reconditioned or is a replacement device.

iphone model number

The model number is the key

In order to identify an iPhone accurately, Apple has created an identification system through the model number. In this way just looking at the first letter we can identify if our iPhone has been sold by Apple or is reconditioned:

If the model number starts with M. Retail unit, that is, an iPhone model sold by Apple or one of its authorized distributors.
If the model number starts with F. Refurbished unit, it is a model reconditioned by Apple. Devices that have been returned during their trial period or that have been fixed by a technical failure.
If the model number begins with P. Engraved unit, an iPhone that has been recorded and personalized with a phrase, one of the options that appear when you place an online order.
If the model number begins with N. Replacement unit, a replacement unit provided by Apple.

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How to find the model number of your iPhone

Finding the model number of your iPhone is very simple, it is available in the device settings. To find it we just have to:

  1. Go to the Settings app on our iPhone.
  2. Click on General and then on Information.
  3. Among the first options, we will see the model number, just before the serial number.
  4. The first letter that appears in that number is the one that will tell us what kind of iPhone model we have so identified it before a purchase is really simple. Also in the iPad, the same system of letters is used, so you can also identify them.

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