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How to know if Calls and Messages have been Blocked with iPhone

How to know if Calls and Messages have been Blocked with iPhone

Possibly, have you ever wanted to know if someone has blocked you on your iPhone. In this tutorial, we will show you the ways to know if calls and messages have been blocked with the iPhone . Although Apple, it makes the blocking function a simple way, since, simply looking for the contact in question, you scroll down completely and press block this contact. To know if they have done this with you, we proceed to solve your doubts.

Know if you have been blocked with iPhone

There are several ways to find out if an iPhone user has blocked your phone number. Keep in mind that, if they have done so, the recipient’s mobile will not ring or issue any notification. Even if you send a text or voice message, that user will not be aware of it.

Call blocking

Call blocking

To know if your calls have been blocked with iPhone, one of the ways to know is to make a test call.

  • Open the calls application and make a test to the recipient.
  • Listen to the way the call is received. If you hear the tone once and then it refers you to the voicemail, it is likely that it has blocked you.

Now, sending you to voicemail does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked. It may also be because the recipient is on another call and therefore the line is busy.

That the user is in an area without coverage or that the mobile is turned off or in the restart phase. It may happen that the iPhone has network problems or simply that it is in Do Not Disturb mode. It would be a matter of repeating the action later, to discard all options.

Blocked messages

Blocked messages

  • Open the messages application. Observing message information is not as reliable as using test calls. However, some data shown below may be useful to know if someone has blocked you.
  • Open the last message, we look for a Reading Notification. Many users have this option enabled, so if you don’t see, Read the … below your message, they could have blocked you.
  • Look for a Delivered notification below the last message. If you could see this notice before and not anymore, it may be because I blocked you. Keep in mind that if the messages sent are shown in green, instead of blue, it means that the iPhone is trying to send a text message, SMS, instead of an iMessage, those messages may have an extra cost in your rate.

However, as with calls, the recipient may not have data on their iPhone, network problems, or is simply turned off or out of coverage. There are many reasons why some messages may fail and it is not an announcement that the recipient has blocked you on your mobile.

Hidden number to know if you have been blocked with iPhone

Another way to know if you have been blocked in both calls and messages is by calling the recipient with a hidden number.

To activate it go to Settings >> Phone >> Show caller ID and deactivate the option Show caller ID  of your iPhone settings and make the call again. By doing so your contact information is not shown to the recipient. It only remains to check if you receive calls or if you receive messages.

After all this, it is good to be aware of people’s privacy, if this person does not want to receive a message or call from you it is better not to disturb him.

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