How To Organize A Skype Video Conference With One Tap


Do you want to organize a Skype video conference to talk with your remote relatives? Skype also modified the course over the past years concentrating less on video and audio calls and more on including a social aspect to it. Also, it comes at a cost that has become clear in the current situation. Using so many people that work from home or learn from home. Then there is a rise in demand for a simple and easy to use video conferencing tool. Zoom become unusually popular resultant since Skype is lacking in the area.

The issue is, Zoom has a set of issues, and security is the worst of them. Skype can’t meet most specification but it looks to be stepping up. The latest feature also included that enables users to hold a Skype video conference that anyone can join.

Users don’t want Skype installed and they don’t want any type of account. Simply want a link to the call.

Skype Free Video Conference

Head over to the link and tap the ‘Create a free meeting’ button.

Also, you got a link that you can copy and sent to anyone. Also, there is a ‘Share invite’ button. If you tap it, you want to send an invite using Gmail or Outlook.

You can also open the link in any browser. By default, the website also attempts to open Skype once it is installed. While having an installed Skype app. You can simply open it and join the meeting. If you don’t have the app installed, simply cancel the notification to open the Skype app.

Head over to the website, you will then view a ‘Join as guest’ button. Tap it or input enter a name that you will use in the video conference. Simply enable your browser access to your camera or mic, and then you’re in.

Skype vs Zoom

Skype having a conferencing feature for a while but it was bound to its app. Also, it makes it quite difficult for people to have no Skype accounts to join it. This latest feature will make it quite easier for all to use Skype. Also, you can use the Skype app while other users continue to use it from their browsers.

If we compare it to Zoom, this amazing Skype feature can’t work with the call scheduling feature that is currently rolled out. Also, it comes out on top due to its links are a bit more random. However, it’s come out Zoom’s links are quite expected to make it a little simpler to predict them. Now, Zoom is working to actively better its privacy so it must be safer to use very soon.


Here’s all about ”Organize A Skype Video Conference”. Have you ever face issues while organizing contacts on Skype? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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