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How To Prevent Apps From Auto Starting On Android

prevent apps from auto-starting

Do you want to prevent apps from auto-starting on Android? As app size increases, there’s might be a chance to finding it difficult to use your mobile as these apps tend to dominant your phone memory also its battery. You just not notice strangles during heavy tasks, but you might also realize that your mobile is taking up a few minutes then it used to when booting up from power ON.

This is due to when your phone boots up, it starts automatically some of your apps during boot before you actually open them. However, some apps might be running in the background from the initiate also if you can’t launch it. While this could slow down the performance of your phone. Many apps you have on auto-start also mean that your phone’s battery will drain quicker than you expected from it.

Hopefully, we’ve made a list of methods you can follow carefully to prevent apps from auto-starting.

Turn-On Adaptive battery:

As Android 9 rollout, the Mobile phone has a feature called Adaptive Battery. This feature uses machine learning to discover which of the apps you’ll be using now and which apps you’ll open in the future. However, this amazing feature places apps into one of its 5 rediscover App Standby Buckets based on your usage – Active, Frequent, Working set, Rare, and Never.

If you hardly used an app or can’t open it. The Android will place it inside the last two buckets and will reduce its resources. In that way, mostly the apps that you use having battery resources and CPU as Android will stop less active apps from getting opened or using any resources.

If you want to turn on Adaptive Battery. Simply open the Settings app on your Android phone then move to Battery > Adaptive Battery and toggle the switch adjacent to Adaptive battery.

Stop apps inside Running services

In Developer options, you can simply take a look at exactly what is running at any given moment. However, these apps can be stopped from running. Also, you should guide clear from stopping processes that you don’t know to you like system apps and those having a Google label connected to them. Stopping similar apps from running could protect them from auto-starting again on their own. Thus saving your memory usage and battery. Follow these easy steps to close apps using Developer options.

Note: Make sure to unlock Developer options after opening Settings > About phone and clicking on Build number several times.

Step 1:

Initially, open the Settings app and then move to System > Advanced > Developer options.

Step 2:

Click on Running services, choose an app you think shouldn’t be running in the background. Also, click on Stop for the processes it’s running on your device.

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