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How To Scan Snapcode Saved To Your Gallery

Scan Snapcode Saved To Your Gallery

Do you want to scan a snapcode saved to your mobile gallery? Snapchat is the 1st messaging App that brought AR into messenger. It is just like the Pokemon Go game in which you can place any AR picture and experience it in the real world. Rather than AR Snapchat also gives features like a Snap map to track/record everything that is going on in the world, Personal Emojito creates your own emoji and views it as a real-life with the help of AR, and much more. Do you know how to scan the snapcode?

For those who are not aware of Snapchat, here is a brief intro for them. Snapchat is a very popular messaging app launched by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Robert Brown. The app has over 170 million users from all around the world with 200 million pictures shared on regular basis using it. It enables users to share images and videos with their known ones. The main cause behind Snapchat’s huge growth lies in the concept that multimedia texts can’t accessible after a time limit. Snapchat is very popular on iOS or Android.


Snapchat provides a quick-add method that allows you to follow accounts. It is known as ‘Snapcodes’. Snapcodes are Snapchat QR codes that can direct you to a user’s account and they can also be used to share links. Also, if you want to scan a Snapcode, then all you need to do is to point the app’s camera at it. In a recent app update, Snapchat has fixed this issue and now you can scan a Snapcode saved to your camera roll.

Well, the feature was added through an app update. So before you try to scan a Snapcode stored to your camera roll, make sure you have a new variant of the app on your mobile.

Steps To Scan A Snapcode Saved To Your Camera Roll

Follow the steps to scan a Snapcode saved to your camera roll:

Scan Snapcode

  • Head over to Snapchat then click the ghost or bitmoji at the top left.
  • From your profile screen, click the cogwheel button located at the top right. From the Settings screen, click ‘Snapcode’.
  • The Snapcodes screen provides an option known as ‘Scan from Camera Roll’.
  • Click it and from your camera roll. You can then click the image that contains the Snapcode.
  • Well, Snapchat will scan it and provides you the options to subscribe or open an account.
  • To your own profile, you can easily scan the code. But in response, it’ll only provide you a smirking emoji. If you scan the code of your friend [you already follow], it will again notify you that the account is already on your friend’s list.

The image you can scan have the code anywhere in it. The sum total of the picture doesn’t necessarily have to be the Snapcode. For instance, if you’ve saved a promotional picture that has a brand’s code under it, it’ll work just fine. The app takes too much time to scan it but it works flawlessly.

The main camera app can’t scan Snapcodes stored to your camera roll. It can pick images from your camera roll and then successfully add them to your story or share them in a chat. It offers a specific purpose that shouldn’t clash with something that is a secondary feature i.e., scanning branded QR codes. The only restriction with this feature is that it’s somewhat well-hidden. However, users will habitually read the changelog for every new Snapchat update, it’s unlikely they’ll explore this.


Here’s all about ‘How To Scan Snapcode’. Is this article helpful? Do you know any other alternative method to scan the snapcode? Share your thoughts with us in the comment down the section below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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