How To Turn Off Chrome Downloads Bar

Have you ever try to turn off the Chrome downloads bar? Whenever you download Chrome files, a bar appears under the window. It displays the file that’s installing and its download progress. You can aslo close this bar by tapping the close button located at the right corner. It can’t impact the download. The file will then continue to download and you can then open the Downloads page in Chrome (Ctrl+J) to view download progress. When the bar bothers you and you don’t need to close it whenever you download a file, you can also turn off the Downloads bar in Chrome with an extension.

Turn Off Downloads Bar

If you want to turn off the Downloads bar in Chrome, you want to install the Always Clear Downloads extension. The extension can do 2 things. The first is it can wipe your Downloads list, and it can then hide the Downloads bar. But if you don’t want to clear your Downloads list then you should modify its setting first.

If you want to stop the extension from wiping downloads, unmark the ‘Clear downloads every few seconds’ options. If you want to hide the Downloads bar, turn on the ‘Disable download shelf option’.

Chrome Downloads Bar

That’s all you need to do. You can then download a file, you will no longer view the downloads bar. The download will begin normally, and you will still view the green progress sign on the Chrome taskbar icon.

If you want the extension to wipe your downloads, you should turn on the ‘Clear downloads every few seconds’ options then states how often the downloads are wiped or cleared. By default, the extension wipes downloads every 10 seconds. This might be too often but you can also modify it. Unfortunately, you can only state the time in few seconds so if you want the downloads to wipe after every 24 hours, then input 86,400. If you want to clear them weekly, then the number gets bigger i.e 604800.

What’s More?

Also, there was many popular extension for hiding the downloads bar but it has since removed from the Chrome web store. The reason is likely that Chrome turned off the API extension used to hide it. Chrome has experienced a design change and it’s likely that during the process, the older or previous extension broke. As it works with the new version of Chrome. There are many others like it but they concentrate on wiping the Downloads list which, again, Chrome doesn’t allow you to do by default.

The best thing about this extension is that it can’t force you to wipe downloads. You can simply just one feature and then leave the other unused.


Here’s all about “Fix Blurry Video Playback”. I hope you can easily turn off the Chrome download bar after following the steps given above. If you want to share any other method rather than this then let us know below!

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