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How To Turn Off Map View On Google Photos

Do you want to turn off the map view on Google Photos? Currently, Google Photos is in the process of renovating its look. However, they focus on visibility or simplicity. A new feature added ‘map view‘ now groups your images and adds them to an interactive map. But what if you don’t need the location of your pictures to display on the map?

Working Of Map View:

This new interactive map view uses the Geotags that is attached to your images, to show them on their respective locations on the map. Google Photos had a feature where you list out all images that were taken at a specific place. But you not only view that place, as you examine through your photos.

Map view also lists out areas that you frequently photograph, to make it simpler or easier for you to search those photos. You don’t want to keep your location setting on, just to use the latest feature. However, you like to turn on location if you want your photos to display up on the map view.

Show map view on Google Photos – Can you do this? 

Well, the latest map view feature is just a part of the Google Photos app. So there is no technique to fully turn it off. Also, it is located at the bottom of the ‘Search’ tab, which needs other functions such as ‘People’.

However, if you are tense about your security, there are some instructions that you could take, to secure your photos from turning up on Google Photos map view.

How to Secure Map View from Displaying your photos

As mentioned earlier, the latest map view uses Geotags that are already connected to your photos. However, Geotags also hold information about the location where the pictures were captured. Also, if you haven’t any device location on, then Google will try to calculate where the picture was captured depending on various other factors such as upload location, check-ins, etc.

How To Turn Off Map View On Google Photos

Remove EXIF data

Your camera saves information about the pictures capture in the form of EXIF. However, it contains basic knowledge about your phone, camera, and also the location (if you turned it on). However, you can easily view your location metadata connected to photos on Google Photos, erasing that information is quite boring. You can also do it by using a third-party app. Here’s is an app known as Photo Exif Editor (Android | iOS) that enables you to view and edit your metadata on your images easily.

After you installed the app on your phone, simply launch it and click ‘Photos’.

Now choose the images from your gallery. You can also choose various images. Once you have chosen your images, click ‘Exif’ located in the top right corner.

Choose ‘Geolocation’ to erase the Geotags from your photos. Click ‘Save’ located in the top right corner to save modifications to the photos.

Erase Geotagging from your camera

Your camera is the main offender when you try to add location metadata. Hopefully, there is a choice to secure this. Note: This setting will vary from mobile to mobile. But you can also find it quite easily.

Step 1:

At first launch the camera app on your Android, and head over to Settings.

Step 2:

At the bottom of settings search for ‘Location tags’, ‘Geotags’, ‘GPS tag’, etc. Just Toggle this setting off or disable the setting.

Remove Location History

Google makes a record of where you can go and where you have been. It might use this knowledge to attach Geotags to your images. If you want to remove your location history on Google, then check out our article below.


Here’s all about “Turn Off Map View”. If you have any questions and queries regarding this then let us know in the comment section below!

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