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How to Unlock an iPhone Without Knowing the Password

Sometimes we are so paranoid thinking that someone can steal our phone or grab it without our permission to check our privacy, we change the password frequently. However, a day may come when we have placed one so difficult that we can not remember it and we know how to unlock our iPhone.

If you are here because of what I have said before, do not worry, I will tell you what are the steps to unlock your iPhone quickly if you do not remember the password. But before, it should be noted that, if you have not recently made a backup in iTunes or iCloud, you will lose the information completely, both the files, documents, photos, apps, etc. But if you have a backup, then you do not have to be alarmed and soon you can have your phone 100% operational.

At the moment of performing the steps that I will discuss in this tutorial, you will delete the password and you will be able to use your mobile device again, take note!

Unlock an iPhone with restore mode or DFU

How to Unlock an iPhone Without Knowing the Password

I start with this option, restoring the iPhone is one of the fastest ways to recover your device and have it back as if it were new. As I mentioned before, if you have made constant backups, you should not have any problem since you can return it to the state of this last backup.

For this solution, you will need the help of iTunes, but as you obviously can not access your mobile, by not having the access code, you will need to put the iPhone in Recovery Mode or DFU, to be able to start the restoration process.

These are the steps:

  1. Charge your iPhone until more than fifty percent of the battery is completed.
  2. On your computer, if you have iTunes open, close it. Now, connect your iPhone, you must start iTunes.
  3. Now you must put your device in DFU or recovery mode. For those who have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 8 or 8 Plus must press the volume button up and release it, then press low volume and release it and finally press and hold the power button.
  4. For those who have iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus, they must press low volume and the side turn on at the same time until the iTunes icon appears on the screen.
  5. If you have another version of iPhone not named above, you must press and hold the home button or the home button at the same time.
  6. Now, you will see two options, restore or update, you can use any of the two options, you can take advantage here and have the latest version of iOS on your mobile but it will take a little longer, but still work.
  7. After the process you have chosen ends, you can reconfigure your iPhone and configure a new access password.

What do you do after you delete everything from your phone?

It does not matter if you restore your mobile from the recovery mode or with iTunes directly having physical access to your phone, likewise, when you turn it on again you will have it as if you had removed it from the box for the first time. You have these three options to choose from:

  • Restore from a backup: If you made a  backup before forgetting your password, either in iCloud or iTunes, you can reconfigure your phone, with the same Apps and data you had at that time.
  • Download everything automatically: If you did not make a backup, from the Apple Store or from iTunes, you can download all the apps you already have installed, a more tedious step.
  • Use your device from scratch: If you want to start from scratch, this is the best option because it will return to the device all the memory and speed lost by the installation of apps, photos … You can start configuring your device the way you like it.

Unlock an iPhone with the help of software

On the other hand, there are several software that can help you unlock your iPhone and enter any application on your mobile. This software will give you an access code or they will decipher the password to enter your iPhone with which you can access very easily. It should be noted that many of this software are paid and are not very “legal”. This is how even the FBI can get to how to unlock a person’s device, skipping the access code.

As the last recommendation, if you have an iPhone from version 5S onwards, I suggest you use in addition to a passcode, the Touch ID or Face ID, so you can also choose this option and thus not restore your phone and lose everything.

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