Intel introduces the 10th generation chips that will bring great improvements to Apple’s MacBook

Apple is working hard to ensure that its ARM chips can catch up with other competitive processors. And we are not referring to mobile phone chips, but to those, they will use on their Macs. The company has been trying to get that dependency they currently have from Intel for many years, but they still have a long way to go. Thus, for now, it will be Intel that creates the brain of its computers with its chips.

Precisely, in order to keep the head of the race, Intel recently announced the launch of the tenth generation of notebook processors. A series especially important for the company, since it is the first one created with a manufacturing process of 10nm, which implies greater efficiency. And of course, this new generation will reach the MacBook, although it is not clear whether it will be the ones that will come out this year or next.


Some of the differences that include the new chips, in addition to the change in the manufacturing process, are that they will be able to improve performance in tasks such as compression and decompression of files, or video encoding. On the other hand, your GPU will receive a big jump in performance, with up to 50% improvement in the tests performed by PCWorld. On the other hand, the new chips will have support for WiFi 6 as standard, which will significantly accelerate the performance of connections with compatible routers.

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However, Intel’s new generation of chips have been designed to improve efficiency so much, increasing its power without changing consumption too much thanks to its 10nm; as the graphic performance, with important changes to take full advantage of both games and other programs that require it. However, we have to wait until October or November to know if we will be able to have them in the new MacBook this year. Maybe it would be the perfect addition to the next MacBook Pro.

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