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Will Apple’s new services be adapted to all Countries?

Will Apple's new services be adapted to all Countries?

This week saw the first Apple Event of the year, to everyone’s surprise, they did not present any product. However, Apple made sure we had product news a week before, as it had never happened. Three consecutive days of launches, iPad, iMac and AirPods 2. All the attention was focused on the new Apple services related to banking, TV, games, and magazines, under subscription models. As it could not happen otherwise, a lot of information about prices and arrival dates were reserved. What does this mean? Apple is not so sure of its operation in other countries?

The USA, the epicenter of Apple’s services

All Apple services have the focus of the US, iOS 12.2 already allows users in Canada and the US enjoy a free month of Apple News +This is the best of the Cupertino to gather more than 300 popular magazines in one place. The previous model (News) contemplated gathering the best news from the best editors and media. Many point out that this service is not the newest, but everything can focus on the way magazines are distributed.

Will Apple's new services be adapted to all Countries?

In the presentation, we saw several demos about different magazines. The form of interactive magazine presented by Apple is novel. But the problem comes when we talk about his arrival in other markets. Can the Cupertino people make the same agreements with magazines in Spain and Latin America? The US approach It is very comfortable for them and it starts to be worrying that their opening to other countries is not being considered. It’s a brilliant idea but very few can enjoy.

Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, great ideas to enjoy them

Hand in hand with Apple News +, the Cupertino presented two innovative service ideas, one more enhanced than the other. Apple Arcade is the subscription service with more than 100 different titles to enjoy on the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. The bet on mobile games is tremendous, as there are many developers who said they agree with this initiative from Apple.

The new generation consoles are dominating the market and Apple wants to take a part of the cake. If we think that this service will conquer users who are more attached to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV could be successful. Personally, I am not the average user that has games installed on your iPhone or iPad, but if you transform this idea of “subscription only to mobile games” to “have the best mobile games ever created for iPhone or iPad” demonstrating an interesting catalog, in Autumn is going to take a lot of applause. In the same way as Apple News +, we stop with the distribution. We do not know if all the games of the Apple Arcade catalog will be available in all countries, the price is another unknown.

And finally, in this Apple TV + block. I am not an expert in movies and series under subscription to judge if Apple is late to a market that is already being exploited by Netflix, HBO, and Amazon. What I can see is that it is also 100% adapted for EE. UU It is worrying that we do not have a bit of content in Spanish, which the other subscription services do have.

Will Apple's new services be adapted to all Countries?

The idea is interesting. Those of Cupertino want to rub shoulders with the best of Hollywood with actors, actresses, and directors who have extensive experience in the creation of films and series. Back to the same. It is a service that will arrive in the fall but we have no impression other than titles and names.  More a simplified advance in small glimpses of the content that are already working.

Subscription services come and go and if Apple fails to attract more market for the content in Spanish, personally only try the initial content of your platform, and then leave it to the month of use.

Apple Card, an interesting and limited proposal

Will Apple's new services be adapted to all Countries?

This is the service that surprised many users. Within our group, our CEO Antonio Expósito was delighted by the idea. With the emergence of Apple Pay, the way of payment was changed in many stores. In Spain, it has had a good reception. But in Latin American countries like Mexico, we can not say the same thing, something that has not arrived. The system that Apple Card will handle is based on the control of payments and a good interface from which you can get the most out of it. Very friendly and interactive, nor traditional banking has apps as bright as the Apple Card in Wallet.

All these are good ideas adapted to an initial public. But there is no concrete date for his arrival in more countries. It is the central disadvantage of all the services that Apple has presented, adaptability. You may have the best ideas, but if they are not distributed in such a way as your products, success is small and users in other countries may feel left out. By the time that adaptability reaches the other countries, streaming services competitors will already have a wider advantage than the current one.

There is something good in everything bad. Apple has dared to leave its comfort zone. What do I mean? No technology company has ventured into issues that do not correspond. When the rumors started that Apple had the idea of creating original content we thought it was for some other company, that Apple would be focusing on technology products. The moment to believe that Apple is the best technology company has arrived. Not only will be dedicated to technology but will venture into services. Something that is giving you many benefits in recent years.

Will Apple's new services be adapted to all Countries?

Apple Music is proof of that. It is not the most popular, but it has had a lot of growth in subscriptions (50 million). In the same way, Apple PayAn intellectual movement that is also giving him many benefits in Europe, Asia and America (USA, Canada, and Brazil). Those of Cupertino want to expand their horizons, could do better by covering larger territories. If you want to start with a few countries, it is acceptable. But they have to remember that there are many who are trying to prove their new services.

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