IOS App Development Cannot Be Without Math Skills

IOS App Development: IT industry is growing with geometric progression over the past few years. More and more students are looking into this field as one of the most potential ones to be able to find a job in the future and have a reasonable profit. In addition, it has much room for improvement and new ideas, so not only technical specialists would be able to join the field, but, also young people who wish to become entrepreneurs and develop something on their own. 

As the matter of fact, information technology development is very varied and has so many resources for the new generation to grow. The question here is does software development require math? And what is the knowledge that is required to work in this field and develop applications for IOS and Android? mathamatics in ios app development

Application development is a very technical area of work. It requires a lot of hard skills along with a soft skill set in order to be competitive in the labor market. However, the IT industry can be very different and require a very different background to work there. The question that many students have is if this industry specifically requires Math knowledge to grow. 

Math is not the easiest subject to learn and many students are trying to avoid it. Of course, it is much more interesting to study Literature or Modern Arts. But it might not be as useful as Math is pretty much everywhere. In the article, we will discuss if Math is that crucial for developing IOS applications and which other skills would benefit from. 

Skill required for the developing IOS applications 

Programming language

The applications on the market are very varied and different from each other. Not only do their functionality and theme differ, but also the backend. Each application can be written in a different programming language and the entire concept would be different. Of course, it might not be that obvious for the user, but if we look at it from the developers’ perspective – each application built on each programming language is very different and very unique. ios app development and maths in it

There are some applications that do not require programming language knowledge, hence, they are much simpler and are not that complex. So, this would be a must for young IT developers to study. There are many resources nowadays apart from college and university and some of them are even free. It is not a problem to find a course or a mentor to guide you through the programming language in order to grow together and create even better applications at the end of the day. 


Here is where Math skills might be required. Each business is built on analytics. Without accurate data, it would be impossible to predict and plan a company’s strategy without knowing your business results. Of course, not everyone likes to study mathematics because of the complex problems and methods of solving them. It’s easier to hire an analyst for whom numbers are his element. Or take on the training yourself, armed with a tutor, a service with answers and explanations of Plainmath mathematical problems, as well as a bunch of math textbooks.

So many things that could be determined with the help of Math like CAC (customer acquisition cost), ROI (return on investments), LTV (lifetime value), and many many more. Not just regular Math, but Software engineering Math in particular. By calculating those the business could choose the strategy further and make specific plans for constant growth. This is why it is important for IOS App Development

If we use analytics in our predictions, it influences app development. Based on what is in demand right now depends on how to plan the future apps, which ones would gain interest from users and IT specialists to create new math apps for IOS. Analytics is the fundament for the business to exist and for the entire staff to understand which path the company will be taking to expand on the market. 

Soft skills

Even when you choose the most technical field, you still need to communicate with your colleagues and the people around you. You still need to be good at time management, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving. If we talk about application development, the criteria above are crucial, but soft skills would also be a deal breaker. It is essential to be good at communication whether it is your colleague or potential clients you might occasionally run into. 

At the end of the day, you are a part of the business and you have a common goal to achieve and all employees must be aligned. They are being communicated to make sure that everyone is a team player and sees how each and everyone influences the common goal. MATHS - ios app development

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To sum it up, even if Math is not the most popular subject to learn in college. It is pretty hard and complicated, impossible to memorize, and involves a lot of stress. Hence, it is crucial to study things like algebra and geometry in high school because these are basics for any profession. Even though at first glance it might look like we would never use such knowledge in our lives – it is too early to burn the bridges. 

Everything is based on Math and it is everywhere. In addition, it is a great subject for general development to keep your mind in tonus as a student and further as you grow up. So, in conclusion, Math ends up being one of the most important parts of your education. It would be so much harder to catch up with that knowledge when you are already grown, so it is a great idea to start from high school. 

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