How to Watch Live Sports on Roku Free

Live Sports on Roku Free

Well, before discussing the channels, let’s now see what Roku actually is. It is a digital video player, that actually streams all this awesome content straight to your TV over the internet from Netflix, Amazon, and so on. Unlike your traditional cable service, Roku permits you to watch Netflix, and it’s really cheaper than your traditional cable as well as satellite television package. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Watch Live Sports on Roku Free. Let’s begin!

If you guys love to watch entertainment on your terms, Roku channels are actually the best option. Stream exclusive TV Shows and Movies on your TV along with a plethora of Roku channels. This article basically elaborates on all the free Roku sports channels that you guys can use to enhance your entertainment.

How to Watch Live Sports on Roku Free

With Roku Players & channels, you guys can watch all those sports channels that are not available in your country. So if you guys are sports lovers, we are also sure you will love these Roku sports channels lists.


This channel basically covers all national as well as international sports events and gives them right over your Roku device. FuboTV, just like the name suggests, has more focus on football league. So if you guys are football fans, you guys must not miss out on this channel.

Live Sports on Roku Free

FuboTV basically covers a wide variety of football events such as La Liga, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, and also many more. You guys can have 24/7 free access to unlimited sports content via FuboTV. It also includes main worldwide events like The Olympics.

FuboTV gives you 24*7 access to all the content for free of cost. FuboTV has really great national channels lined up for you such as FOX, NBC, alsoComcastSportsnet, Regional Networks, FOX Sports, and many more.

Download Fubo Tv

NBA Channel

If you guys are a big-time Basketball fan and don’t really want interruption via any other content. NBA Channel is basically the one channel you will ever need. You guys will never miss another 3-pointer via Stephen Curry with the official NBA Channel.

Live Sports on Roku Free

Always stay up to date along with the latest highlights, player statistics, Scores with NBA Channel, giving you tons of Live NBA action.

Download NBA Channel

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is actually a lifestyle channel that offers its viewers global entertainment. The channel broadcasts live broadcasts along with the participation of athletes with a high level of adrenaline. See how your favorite athletes actually compete in their sports, and you guys can take a look at their lives like never before. You can amaze your mind with the high octane sports that are also available on the channel. Channel content is also presented in HD quality in order to give you the best experience.

NBC Sports channel has dedicated sections for Golf, Olympics, Tennis Opens, and many other famous occasions. There is also a specific category of topical content where you guys can witness the live updates of sports happening in your region. It includes a lot of college leagues and local tournaments.

Critical features of NBC Sports also include highlights, previews. The full event basically replays on-demand and much more. You can also observe the play through alternate angles according to your wish.

Download NBC Sports

WWE Network | Live Sports on Roku Free

Well, one of the most loved sports in the world is actually the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and WWE Network is a dedicated WWE channel on Roku. WWE Network comes along with a Roku Media Player with a good collection of WWE stories as well as events. The channel promises to entertain, inform, and also inspire its users along with the proposed content.

Live Sports on Roku Free

You guys can quickly get the spicy coverage of any WWE event from anywhere in the globe. All content available to users is in HD quality in order to provide the best possible experience in every way. It also includes all the pay-per-view events such as Wrestlemania, TLC, Money in the bank, as well. for entirely free.

There are thousands of hours’ worth of content already available on the channel actually. So you guys won’t be getting bored via this channel anytime soon. It also has every recap of every single pay-per-view event in the history of WWE as well. So if you guys want to relive the old era, add WWE Network to your Roku device now.

Download WWE Network

Red Bull TV

If you guys like Travel and Sports, then Red Bull TV is a really great channel in order to add to your Roku experience. This channel basically focuses on adrenaline-driven sports. For example, Rock climbing, sky diving, Snowboarding, and also many other adventure games will keep you guys at the edge of your seat.

Live Sports on Roku Free

In addition to recorded trips and events, you guys can also access your favorite live events or your beloved sports web series as well. Red Bull TV basically includes much more than any regional sports channel. It is merely a great viewing experience that basically combines sports and culture.

Red Bull TV does not only cover sports and events, however, also features various entertainment sources such as music and TV shows. Red Bull TV is actually a channel for adrenaline enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Download Red Bull Tv


Through MLB, you guys can watch live baseball games on the player, and more than seven days of past games are archived. So that you guys can watch any time you want with fast-forward & rewind options as well.

You will also get replays of each and every regular season and postseason game in the previous seasons. It is also available to all Roku customers. Plus, MLB TV shows all out-of-market games, so this streaming service is just for you if you guys are a Dodgers fan.

Download MLB

CBS Sports | Live Sports on Roku Free

Coming from the CBS network, CBS Sports basically contains tons of sports content in video streams on-demand and in real-time as well. You guys can download and start watching your favorite sports content along with ease as it does not need a free account. Anyone can attend any sports video as well as receive news without even paying a dime with this open Roku channel. Move further from the traditional sports channel via choosing CBS Sports, among other free Roku channels.


Other spectacular feature of CBS Sports also includes expert analysis, game previews along with recaps, and also betting advice as well. So if you guys don’t want to bet on a losing horse, CBS Sports can actually guide you for that. CBS Sports basically cover any sports event happening live in any location. So you guys can watch it from home in high definition. CBS Sports encompasses all kinds of sports events for example NFL, MLB, NBA, American football, soccer, boxing, and also the list goes on. It basically includes fantasy football league shows every Friday and Sunday.

Download CBS Sports


ESPS is basically a well knows brand in the world of sports and sports-related entertainment services. Ever since we were little kids, we also have seen ESPN airing a lot of exciting shows over television. However, now, you can also enjoy ESPN and also all their official content over Roku via installing the WatchESPN channel on your Roku device. All the programs are also available for free and in high quality. You guys surely won’t be missing out on any small details whenever watching the WatchESPN channel on Roku.


WatchESPN also covers news and talks/interviews of your beloved sportsmen and also experts. There are multiple sub-channels that are under the ESPN collective such as SPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network +, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, as well.

There is also a premium ESPN service that is called ESPN+. spending a few bucks on ESPN+, you guys can avail of a lot more premium content on-demand. It basically includes a lot of ESPN exclusive shows and events as well.

Download Watch ESPN


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