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NetflixDid you know that you can use free VPNs for Netflix to unblock geographical broadcasting limitations? Yes! Thanks to the advent of modern Virtual Private Network technology that is offered to customers for free (albeit with a few limitations which we’ll cover later) you can do just that! Nothing is worse than purchasing a Netflix subscription (which isn’t that cheap, frankly) to later find out that you can’t access that content if you’re outside of the region. Extremely annoying, right? Well, use this article and the link above to find out how the tried and tested VPNs for Netflix fared! Today is your fortunate day if you’re seeking a trustworthy free VPN that supports Netflix. Few VPNs deliver on their promises to unblock Netflix libraries from all over the world, even though many of them make the same claim. In large part, this is because of Netflix’s tenacious proxy detection technology.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is, simply put, the largest and most popular streaming service in the world. 

Although it faces considerably tougher competition now than it did previously, Netflix remains the undisputed leader of digital streaming. The business, which began more than 20 years ago as a mail-order DVD rental service and competed with Blockbuster, has since entirely changed its business strategy to keep up with the rapidly evolving IT industry. The switch (a gamble at the time) to streaming was the best decision the company ever made.

Consequently, the business today counts more than 223 million subscribers globally. With its Netflix Originals program, it also establishes itself as one of the biggest media publishers in the world.

What Is a VPN and What Is Geo-Blocking?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a network security mechanism that is most often downloaded as an application. It can replace your IP address and DNS system with ones from its servers, making you practically untraceable online. This is very important in a time when online crime and privacy breaches are common. A VPN also has a magic trick, which is that you can bypass geographical streaming blockages with it. This is simply because you can use the IP and DNS  of a server in another country. This way, you can trick platforms like Netflix into letting you in! Ever handed a bouncer a fake ID at the entrance to a nightclub? This is kind of like that! Millions of people today use VPNs for privacy and security reasons, while others love to use them to bypass regional blockages. 

What is geographical blocking? It is when an industry sets a limit to where content like streams can be distributed. In this case, this means that having a Netflix account in the U.S. will not allow you to access Netflix while outside of the country. Unfortunately, this is due to broadcasting rights and how media companies make money.

Don’t worry though, because you can use a VPN to trick Netflix’s systems into thinking you’re in the United States even if you’re somewhere completely different! Also, you may think that VPN usage is illegal, but it is not! For these reasons, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

The Best Free VPNs for Netflix

Because Netflix knows that its customers are sharing accounts and using VPNs to bypass regional restrictions, the company is constantly tuning its VPN proxy detection tools to try to block you out. Fortunately, though, a company can’t blacklist every server a VPN user connects to because it takes time to find and flag these servers, while you have a large selection of them at your disposal.

The point is, you need to use a current and modern VPN to do this which does not have a problem with unblocking Netflix libraries. Remember, only a few VPNs can do this because of Netflix’s policy towards blocking VPNs. In this case, particularly because free VPNs are the focus, there are not many. Below you will find two free VPNs that are legitimate and can unblock Netflix for you. Remember, premium subscription-based VPNs are more powerful and offer more servers to do this sort of thing.

So, what are these free VPNs, then? Well, let’s get to it. The top two in this case would be PrivadoVPN and Windscribbe. These are well-known and highly established companies that have a large user base and have been around for years. The important thing with a free VPN that can unblock Netflix is that you have a monthly allowance of at least two gigabytes, enough server locations, and compatibility for all common devices. Both of these free VPNs offer you that, which is quite rare in the free VPN industry. If you hand over your email address to Privado and Windscribe, they’ll even increase your monthly data cap to 10 GB! Of course, the free VPNs also come with sufficient security, which is always a plus!

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What Should a Free VPN That Can Unlock Netflix Have?

Here’s an idea of what to look out for when looking for a Netflix unblocker that is free;

  • The ability to stream Netflix at satisfactory speeds which is especially important for high-resolution content like 4K
  • A no-logs policy which means your data will not be sold to advertisers
  • Good security – a killswitch and at least AES-256 encryption
  • Customer support in the form of forums and knowledge bases at the very least

Perhaps the most important of all is that the free VPN you’re using to unblock Netflix is verified. As far as that goes, both PrivadoVPN and Windscribe are companies that are legitimate and safe. 

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If for any reason you experience issues with unblocking Netflix with your free VPN, try;

  • Selecting a different VPN server
  • Browsing in incognito or private mode
  • Updating your VPN software
  • Contacting customer support

That’s it! Enjoy the ability to unblock Netflix from where you are (especially the most popular library which is U.S. Netflix) and use Netflix the way it was meant to be used!

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