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How to Take a Screenshot on Netflix – User Guide

Screenshot on Netflix

Netflix is actually one of the most used video streaming platforms on the globe. Everybody is aware of the term ‘Netflix and chill’ because Netflix offers thousands of movies, web series, and documentaries. That you guys can binge-watch. There are times when you guys want to take a screenshot of your favorite scene from a movie or web series. In order to make a funny meme or send it to a friend. But, when you try to take a screenshot, then you are greeted via a blank screen or a prompt message that also says couldn’t capture screenshots. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Take a Screenshot on Netflix – User Guide. Let’s begin!

Netflix does not permit users in order to take screenshots or also even screen record the content to permit content pirating. You guys may be looking for workarounds on how can you take a screenshot on Netflix as well. Then, in this situation, we also have a guide that you guys can follow for easily taking screenshots on Netflix actually.

How to Take a Screenshot on Netflix – User Guide

Netflix does not really permit users in order to take screenshots. If you guys attempt to do it as well. Then all you’ll get is just a blank screen or a “couldn’t capture screenshot” prompt message as well. You guys can’t create screen records either as well.

As disappointing as this is, and it’s really difficult to argue against the reason behind it. Netflix does this to prevent pirating of content on the platform. Without these restrictions, a lot of unscrupulous users would seize the chance. In order to create their own copies of copyrighted content for eventual redistribution through many other platforms.

But are there any workarounds, that you may ask? The answer is yes. There are a lot of third-party tools that you can use in order to screenshot Netflix. Some of these tools only work on particular devices. For this reason, we’re now going to look at the steps you have to take to take screenshots on Netflix. Whenever using some of the most famous devices on the market.

If you use the Netflix platform on your desktop or laptop, then you can also check out the following third-party apps in order to take screenshots on Netflix.

Via Sandboxie on Desktop | Screenshot on Netflix

If you don’t know how you can take a screenshot on Netflix, then you can run Netflix in a sandbox. And in order to run Netflix in a sandbox, then there is a perfect app for the job called Sandboxie. You guys can follow these steps to use the Sandboxie app:

  • The first step is in order to download and install the Sandboxie app on your system. You guys can download the app from here.
  • After successfully downloading and installing the app on your system, then you have to run your Google browser in a sandbox as well. Right-click on Google Chrome and click on ‘Run sandboxed.’
  • Now, you guys will see a yellow border around your Chrome browser. This yellow border indicates that you guys are running your browser in a sandbox.
  • Then you have to open Netflix on your browser and then navigate the movie or web series scene or part you wish to screenshot.
  • Tap outside the browser to make sure that the screen is not active before you take a screenshot.
  • Then, you can use the in-built screenshot feature of your Windows system. You guys can also use the shortcut Windows key + PrtSc in order to capture the screenshot on Netflix.

This way, you guys can easily take as many screenshots as you need. Sandboxie software can come in handy when you guys want to take many screenshots from your favorite Netflix shows.

Via Fireshot on Desktop | Screenshot on Netflix

Fireshot is a great screenshot tool that is also available on the Chrome browser. You guys can follow these steps in order to use Fireshot.

  • Then open your Chrome browser and head to the Chrome web store.
  • In the web store, then type fire shot in the search bar in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Choose ‘Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely- Fireshot‘ from the search results and then tap on Add to chrome.
  • After successfully adding the extension to your browser, then you can pin the extension to view it next to the extension icon. 
  • You have to open Netflix on your browser and then play the movie or series.
  • Choose the part of the movie/series you want to take a screenshot of and tap on the Fireshot extension. In our case, then we are taking a screenshot from the web series ‘Friends.’
  • Tap on ‘Capture entire page,’ or you also have the option of using the shortcut Ctrl + shift + Y as well.

Screenshot on Netflix

  • The fire shot extension will then open a new window along with the screenshot, where you can easily download the screenshot as well.
  • At last, then you can tap on ‘Save as image‘ in order to save the screenshot on your system.

That’s just it; you can effortlessly take screenshots of your favorite scenes from movies or web series as well. But, if you don’t really like the Fireshot extension, then you can check out the next third-party software.

Via Screen Recorder app on Android Phone 

Taking a screenshot on Netflix via your phone can be tricky as Netflix will not permit you to take screenshots directly. You will have to use third-party apps in order to take screenshots. But, along with some apps, you will have to turn off your Wi-Fi after navigating to the movie. Or series scene you want to take a screenshot of, and you guys may even have to switch to airplane mode before you take a screenshot via a third-party app. Hence, the best app that you can use is the ‘Screen recorder and video recorder- Xrecorder‘ app via InShot Inc. This app is really great as you can even use it to screen record your favorite shows on Netflix.  Then just follow these steps to use this app.

  • First, open the Google Play Store and then install the ‘Screen recorder and video recorder- Xrecorder app via InShot Inc on your device.
  • Then after installing the app, you will have to permit the app to run over other apps and give the necessary permissions.

Screenshot on Netflix

  • Then open Netflix and navigate to the movie or series scene you want to screenshot.
  • Click on the camera icon on the screen.
  • Click on the Tool in the bag icon.
  • Then tap on the check box next to the screenshot.
  • At last, a new camera icon will pop up on your screen. Click on the new camera icon in order to capture the screenshot of the screen.

Plus, if you guys want to capture a screen recording, then you can click on the camera icon and select the recording option in order to start the screen recording.


How can I screenshot Netflix without even getting a black screen image?

If you guys want to screenshot Netflix shows without even getting a black screen image on your phone. Then you can always use a third-party app that is called the “Screen recorder and video recorder- Xrecorder‘ app via InShot Inc. ALong with the help of this app, then you can not only take screenshots, however, also record Netflix shows. Further, if you are using the Netflix platform on your desktop, then you can use the third-party apps mentioned in our guide as well.

Why Are My Netflix Screenshots Black or Blank?

Netflix doesn’t permit screenshotting of content on its platform. The goal is just to make it difficult to pirate movies and shows as well. The company’s official usage policy states that you guys must get their permission before showing any screenshots of their content as well.

Is It Illegal to Screenshot Netflix Videos?

Yes. As per the company’s usage policy, and it’s illegal to take screenshots without their consent actually.


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