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Photo Tricks: How to Save Space on the Mac

End the week with many news in the world of technology and to take a break from these below we show you several tips that can help you and if you are a person who likes safe photography these tricks of Photos to save space in the Mac will be of interest to you.

Photo Tricks: How to Save Space on the Mac

If you need to free up space from your Photo library, we recommend you to pass all those files to an external storage device since this way you can avoid the loss of information, the following Photo tricks are applied to move the photo library to an external storage device.

1. Close the Photos application. 
2. In the Finder, have the folder where you will save the photo library on your external disk. 
3. Find the photo library in another window of the Finder. The default location is Users> [the username of your Mac]> Images and it is called Photo Library.

Finally, you only have to drag the files or your entire photo library to the folder of the external unit that you had prepared. If an error message appears, click on the icon of your external disk in the Finder and choose File> Get information. If you can not see the information about permissions and share, click on the icon on the left (the one that looks like the play button) and check that the “Ignore property on this volume” box is checked.

If this box is not checked, you must click on the yellow lock icon to unlock it, ask for the name and password with which you unlock the Mac, and then check the box.

Create a new Photo Library with these Photo Tricks on the Mac

Once the files are dragged to the new folder remember to close it and open it again to check that everything has gone perfectly if you like to share your photos by activating more tricks of Photos like the one to designate the new folder as the photo library of the System in Photos.

If you want to delete the files or the entire original photo library, go to the Finder folder, locate the folder or files and just drag them to the recycle bin, we recommend previously to make sure you copy the files to the external disk and eject it to that there is no risk of deleting files by mistake.

More tricks of Photos have been incorporated into the new Mac operating system as is the case to open another photo library, this is very useful advice when you have several photo libraries, for this you must follow the following steps:

1. Close the Photos application. 
2. Open the application again, but this time hold the Option key. 
3. Select the library you want to open and then click on Select Library, in this way the Photos application will use the photo library you chose by default.

As of last advice, we mentioned that, if your application of Photos is not opened, or if the application has an unexpected behavior, you can activate the repair tool of the photo library and with this, you could solve these problems.

To activate the photo library repair tool:

1. At the same time, press the Option and Command keys while opening the Photos application on the Mac. 
2. A dialog box will appear, then click on the “Repair” option and wait while it starts in the repair process. .

These are a few Photo Tips with which you can take advantage of all the benefits of your Mac and get more out of the applications of the brand of the bitten apple.

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