Nyaa Torrent Alternatives – All You Need To Know


Nyaa Torrent Alternatives

Are you looking for Nyaa torrent alternatives? Nyaa Torrents is dead but still, there are some best alternatives out there. Today you’ll learn the best torrent sites that offer the same or best content as Nyaa. Also, you’ll learn how to stay safe while torrenting, including how to select and use the best VPN.

A few years ago, Nyaa Torrents was one of the biggest and most reliable resources for east Asian media or anime. But the public torrent tracker added everything from Korean dramas and Chinese films to Japanese TV shows. As it makes it quite easy for anyone to install and watch foreign movies no matter where they live.

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Use VPN If You Want To Use Torrents


You might know that torrents can be legally suspicious, and using them over a network is quite risky. So you can use torrents for legal purposes such as distributing open-source software. Sometimes torrents can also be used to illegally download or install copyrighted content.

Lots of ISPs investigate the torrent traffic if they view it on their network. Also, if they have doubts that you are installing illegal content, they can then dig into your network usage and history. If they check that you’ve been using torrents then you must be punished for a heavy fine. If you are looking for the best Nyaa Torrent Alternatives then scroll down!

The issue with torrenting is that when you are downloading or installing a file via torrents, then you are also hosting that file for other users to download from you. Torrents spread the load of hosting across various peer users. However, the system can cause legal issues for users. While downloading or installing copyrighted content is illegal and can be liable with a fine, hosting downloadable copyrighted content is another serious offense as it means you are distributing the content.


To use torrent safely, then it’s necessary to encrypt your web traffic. So you must try to use VPN. A virtual private network (or VPN) translates your data. It can then passes it to a private proxy server, where it is decoded and then sent back to its original destination labeled with a new IP address. Using a private connection and masked IP, no one tells about your identity.

Staying safe on the Wi-Fi is like many people are getting concerned about. While ISPs tracking and selling user information, governments notice citizens and hackers searching for any weakness they can exploit. The software set off red flags on all industries thanks to its many third-party add-ons that source pirated content. ISPs react by monitoring torrent user traffic and also strangling download speeds.

Nyaa Torrent Alternatives – Our Recommendation

We choose VPNs to recommend torrenting that is based on their security. Also, we consider some other factors like total servers they have available, fastest connection speeds, etc.

Nord VPN:

NordVPN may not have the single biggest server network in the industry. But it is not far off. Spanning more than 5,800 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN gives you an astounding range of spoofable IP addresses to choose from for any purpose you can think of. Sheer numbers, not enough?

What about their array of specialty servers, each specifically tuned to a different use-case? (These are: onion over VPN, anti-DDoS, multi-hop VPN, P2P, dedicated IP address, and obfuscated servers.) That’s enough utility to unblock Netflix, blast through the Great Firewall of China, or simply browse, download and torrent in peace. Feel free to take your fill of the free and open Internet too; with NordVPN, you’ll never hit caps on bandwidth or speed–never experience throttling, nor run out of server switches. If you are looking for the best Nyaa Torrent Alternatives then scroll down!

In addition to having a vast server network, NordVPN is both fast and secure. Everything starts with 256-bit AES encryption, which is so tough that a supercomputer would need millions of years to break just one passcode. Specific protocols include OpenVPN’s cutting-edge UDP and TCP protocols. As well as SSTP: a technology that can beat even the harshest censorship filters.

The logging policy is airtight too, with no records of your traffic, IP addresses, timestamps, bandwidth, or browsing history ever being stored. Last but not least, NordVPN’s holding company is based in Panama – a neutral country. That actually means that major world governments can do nothing to force your data out of NordVPN.

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish knows very well what features Kodi users want most. Speed is the first priority. Also, the service delivers fast downloads to a wide network of more than 850 servers in various countries. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to log into a low-latency server for amazing speeds. Security is also key, that IPVanish addresses by locking down all data with 256-bit AES encryption. Also, it keeps your identity secure using DNS leak security and an automatic kill switch. IPVanish can make you safe and secure!

IPVanish also offers a 7-day cash-back guarantee. It means you have a week to analyze it risk-free.

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Nyaa Torrent Alternatives:

Nyaa Torrent

Nyaa Torrent’s strengths were mainly fansubs, anime, and general east Asian content. It was comprehensive, so you can’t replace the site with just one resource. Come let’s check the Nyaa torrent alternatives:

AcgnX Torrent

AcgnX describes the best anime content. Users upload torrents from various sites with a focus on quantity or speed, not quality. HD videos or TV rips sit with each other, letting you scratch that anime itch without waiting for any dubbed overseas releases. Classic content is also saved in the site’s deep archives. However, it makes it quite easy to grab the whole series for a weekend of Anime binging.

You’ll find comics, games, anime, movies, manga, live-action shows, fansubs, and other Japanese-centric content on AcgnX. Want more Nyaa Torrent Alternatives? Scroll down!

Shana Project

Shana Project offers you a collection of high-quality videos and keeping them arranged and easy to browse. The whole content is categorized by season or show with the best “newest first” default sort on the home page. Whenever you visit the website you can then view what’s new, then dive down to find older shows.

Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is the Japanese media library that takes the whole concept of minimalism to the extreme. The site ditches the best color schemes and stunning banner images in favor of a basic, clean look that puts content first. The home page lists all the new releases, indexing fansubs, Japanese content, manga, games, and much more. Also, you’ll stumble across a fair amount of live-action music or dramas, making Tokyo Toshokan the best resource for more than just anime.


Nyaa Torrent was not particularly well-known for huge amounts of visual novel content. But there was a good selection on the site for those who are interested in the games. GGBases is wrapped with visual novels from head to toe. It is well-categorized by genre and browse easily and search from the home page. Many labels are in Japanese, so you want working knowledge of the language to make the most out of the site. Want more Nyaa Torrent Alternatives? Scroll down!


The AnimeBytes community features the best torrents centered around Japanese media, everything from anime to music, movies, and manga. Classic series is very easy to find, as are choose releases for still-running shows. AnimeBytes is no doubt the best resource for downloading the whole series, too. As it makes it quite easy to binge on your favorite shows. You’ll also find the best selection of video games and printed material just in case you want a break from all the anime.

Staying Safe while Torrenting

As torrenting sites are quite safe. But there are some terrific to look out for. Make sure if you are careful then all viruses, malware, data theft, and other issues can arise. Simply follow the tricks and tips below to protect your PC and make yourself out of harm’s way.

  • Always use a VPN – VPNs are necessary and very important for everyday privacy and security. But VPNs are absolutely useful for installing torrents. Connecting to peers means displaying your IP address to the world. It not that simple and isn’t safe in the modern digital age.
  • Use anti-virus software – Anti-virus software plays an important role. As it is a front-line defense against dangerous files. Always keep your scanner enable and you search for, download, or run torrents.
  • Don’t download illegal content – Downloading software, illegal movies, and TV shows will put you in harm’s way. But if you stick to legal content, you’re much less likely to get into trouble.


Nyaa Torrent was the best anime resource, it’s quite difficult to completely replace it. Do you have any favorite websites you want to use for new releases or archived series? Private or public trackers are welcome, so share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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