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How To Open Chrome Mobile Tabs On Your Desktop

We all know that Chrome works with our Google accounts to synchronize information between devices. Synchronized information includes passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, form data, and apps. Users have the possibility to choose what they synchronize; They can synchronize all or only the selective data. This data sync option is available on all platforms, i.e. Chrome for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android are compatible with syncing. Syncing data also includes the browsing history on each device. Users may think that it is simply perfecting the search in Chrome, but it allows you to open the Chrome mobile tabs on the desktop. They sync automatically, so if you need to resume browsing from the point where you left it on your phone, you can do it without using additional apps.

Enable History Sync

To open the Chrome tabs on the desktop, you need to sign in to Chrome with your Google account on both the desktop and the phone. It’s fine if you choose to selectively sync data, but make sure you sync your history.

Also, you need to be signed to the same Google account in Chrome on all the devices you want to sync with.

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Open Chrome tabs

Browser as you would normally do on your Android or iPhone phone in Chrome. Switch to a desk when you’re ready. Open Chrome and type the below-mentioned command in the address bar.


You will see the tabs grouped by device listed here. Expand a device to see all the tabs you’ve opened. Click on a tab to open it or click the overflow button and select “Open All” to open them all on the desktop.

The sync works in two ways; All the tabs you open on the desktop are sync with the history on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, on Android and iOS, the tabs are not ordered as on the desktop. The shortcuts you’ve opened on the desktop are mixed with the tabs you’ve opened on your Android or iPhone phone. You have to manually choose the ones you want to open, which is a shame.

The tabs sync up pretty quickly, so if you’re flipping through your cellular plan, your tabs will be there when you open your desktop browsing history. If the tabs are not displayed, open Chrome on your smartphone and allow it to connect to a WiFi network. Wait a few seconds and the tabs will appear on the desktop.

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