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Pair your AirPods with an Android Device in a Few Seconds

Pair your AirPods with an Android Device in a Few Seconds

Surely you have ever encountered the question of whether it is possible to pair your AirPods with an Android device ?, and the answer is very simple Yes!

With these simple steps you can match so easy and simple your AirPods with any Android device, whether a smartphone or tablet, you just have to start by having both the charging case as AirPods fully charged to start the configuration.

Configure devices

Now, all we have to do is activate the Bluetooth and insert the AirPods in the charging case and close it. It is important that we activate the Bluetooth on the Android device that we want to pair with the AirPods.

To do this, just go to the menu -> Settings -> Bluetooth. Once activated on both devices, just open the lid of the AirPods charging case and keep pressing the button located on the back of the case until we see that the light flashes and turns white.

Device synchronization

Like any paired device, we will see the devices connected to the Android smartphone or tablet that will appear in the list of connected devices via Bluetooth.

At this point, we only have to select the Apple devices, mark the option of ‘Match’ and ¡Ready! After performing this procedure we will have the AirPods paired with our Android device.

What happens if we can not match our equipment?

It may be the case that despite our small and fast configuration we do not obtain the desired results, so if we present difficulties to pair the AirPods with the Android device.

We have several options to evaluate, the first one is to reset the configuration of the AirPods and if this does not work, we can try to restart the Android device and start again with the configuration.

Are all the functions of AirPods available in Android?

The answer is no !, and is that although we find a successful configuration some functions of AirPods are not available for Android devices.

As in the case of the Apple assistant, Siri , as is natural, will not offer any of its functionalities , since Android does not have this virtual assistant and the automatic pauses that cannot be used in the AirPods , however, this does not mean that we do not enjoy the pairing of these teams.

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